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Learn to Create Modern Fall Inspired Crafts

Oct 7th, 2013 By

You must have seen many fall inspired crafts online. But, have you ever tried to go ahead and create this yourself? It may seem to be a complicated process. However, some of the most beautiful DIY autumn crafts are quite easy to make. Here are some of such exotic examples of these crafts and suggestions on how to build them into reality.

Spice Stick Candle Holder

This type of candleholder is great to calm your senses due to its aromatic appeal. A yoga room, recreational area can largely benefit from these accents. Easy to make and inexpensive, these are perfect for natural lighting. Install beeswax or scented was candle in the slot and enjoy a delightful evening with close ones. To create this, you will need spice sticks and tree twigs or branches. For superficial decoration, natural beads and dried flowers and ferns can be useful.

Fall Inspired Crafts 1

Cut the spice sticks in a way that they are of same length. Join by stringing branches and twigs around and leave a hollow in between. Cover the base with leftover branches to provide a complete ecofriendly touch. Now, settle a pillar candle in the hollow and light these up in evenings. As the wax melts, you will also get aroma of spicy stick fragrance. Place these at windowsills, outdoors or kid’s room.


Autumn Throw Pillows

Another simple project for fall can be to make colorful throw pillows. Render it autumn appeal with dry leaf pattern. These can help in revamping furniture and shelves. You may even use it in bedroom and recreation areas. Line these together to create a fine blend with hues present in surrounding. You will need the necessary weaving tools like needle, colorful fabric cover, yarn, cushion sponge or rag clothes for filling. To invite the effect of fall, you can provide these accents the shape of autumn leaves.

Fall Inspired Crafts 2

Autumn shade inspired fabric can be woven together and filled with rag clothes or cushion to give the necessary fluff. You can embroider patterns on their surface or affix buttons and sequins for glittery effect. Jute and cotton fabric are apt for this season’s fiber accessories. Synthetic fibers can be polyester and nylon or mix of faux leather and silk for pillows and other decorative linen in home interiors.


DIY Wall Hanging

Wind chimes, chandeliers and wall hangings are inspiring accents for this fall. You can look at the summer leftovers to make new crafts. Consider dried autumn leaves, natural or artificial to create decorative hangings for doors and surfaces. Grant a complete makeover to bedroom interiors and living areas with twig and branch stringed with these leaves. You can even hang these from ceiling and pergola. While these are wonderful accents for home interiors, use them to beautify gardens and garages during Halloween and such other occasions.

Fall Inspired Crafts 3

This can be a nice idea for kid’s DIY craft. This autumn, children can take up this simple project and let their creative juices to flow. Experiment with these wall hangings in kitchen and dining area. These can also look excellent during Thanksgiving event as table decoration item. The used leaves can be recycled and made into frills, trimmings and other small accents for linens. Choose such hangings for guest are and pathways to create eye appeasing appearance.


Polka Dotted Pumpkins

One of the easy craft ideas is to update a pumpkin without even carving it. Polka dotted pumpkins can look jazzy for home outdoors like porches, pathways and gateways. You just have to cut out paper blocks or shape these pieces round. Stick the colored or black rounded paper cuts on pumpkin’s surface. Add pattern and write a funny, spooky quote to make this vegetable seem fit for autumn’s spirit. Make several such kinds of pumpkin and allow these to settle on floor in rooms and areas you desire.

Fall Inspired Crafts 4

Choose to decorate kid’s room with such pumpkins. Your kids will really love the lively orange shade of this vegetable along with Halloween themed look the polka dots provide. This accent can be perfect for Gothic themed home interiors. You can further beautify it with ribbons, fake eyeballs and mouth. Perhaps, sketching bats and spiders on surface can also add grace to this accessory. Make use of glitters and watercolors to customize these accents for better.


Photo Frames

You can also deal a great amount of flexibility to home design with framed fossil of dried leaves in room interiors. Simply, paste dried leaves in a canvas and cover it with transparent glass shade. This will allow the accent to look pristine and grant traditional touch to rooms. Hence, this accessory can work well for formal areas like home office and libraries. However, to welcome informal look, add frills and designs on frames to magnify the beauty and colors of natural leaves in canvas. Glue, scissors, dried fall leaves, canvas and nails are needed for this DIY project.

Fall Inspired Crafts 5

Arrange these photo frames on fireplace mantel or tabletops to increase the beauty of home interiors. You can also decorate walls, surfaces and nightstands with such memorable accents. Include these in memory walls for a wow effect. Along with light fixtures, sculptures and other accessories, these photo frames will look brilliant. Hence, you can utilize these articles in different parts of home interiors and outdoors.


Cast Lamps

Do you possess old kitchen utensils made from iron or any other metal? Do not throw these off or sell in garage sale. Instead, you can recycle or upcycle these into cast lamps. Make lamp’s outer cast bodies from these graters and plates with glue. You can also seek professional help by melting the edges of metals and infuse into each other to create a whole body of cast. Install tea lights, candles or bulbs in the interiors. The pores on body of plates and graters will allow the light from such sources to spread in room.

Fall Inspired Crafts 6

These cast lamps can be used to update garden pathways and floors. Add pumpkins and fake spiders at the side for ghastly effect. Modernize the areas with more candles and such DIY lighting. You can also build chandeliers and candleholders from kitchen utensils like spoons, forks and knives. Hence, with above mentioned DIY crafts, you can have a lot of fun this Fall season.


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