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Let the Endless Beauty of your Decor Branch Out

Jun 25th, 2013 By

These lovely ideas add to the vigor and Zen of your overall house. Creatively inculcate these tree branch inspired decor to let your house bloom with brilliance.

Spread your Twigs

Let nature cast a spell on your everyday living with simple furniture ideas. Following are a few of the many visions into the magnificence of this beauty.


This lovely and essential tree rail brings nature right onto your door-step. The branches give it a warm and delicate feeling, blending well with the wooden flooring given to your house.




An essentially cute adornment in your kid’s room, this ladder is DIY and can be painted in any color that is your child’s favorite. You can enhance this ladder with neutral shades and place in any other spot in the house due to its versatility.



Artificial Bonfire

Coming to the garden and finding this being lit, while saving the woods on a summer evening for an artificial bonfire, is romantic and creative. Do your bit for the environment and uplift any dull moment on your big BBQ night.

Artificial Bonfire3


Yard Tool

Your garden needs a constant shuffle during autumn? Why not accentuate and add to the vibrancy of the shades on your green pastures with this efficient yard tool. Shaped as strong branches of a tree, this one is a hit in your backyard!

Yard Tool4



A lovely arched chair and this seating for your front porch is exceptional for your home decor. Inspired by abstract art and mastered the usage of branches effectively, these lovely seating solutions stir calmness and innovation.



Wall Decal

Transform your living space, add grandeur and simplicity to your walls, and sit back and marvel at this beauty. Add photos at the end of each branch to drop a hint of your creativity.

Wall Decal6



Classic bulbs, royal chains and branches all teamed up to embrace your ceiling with finesse and sophistication. Keep the area underneath clutter free and introduce an area rug to stir some magic.




Arty, classy and chic, this lampshade can invigorate excellence wherever it is placed. It is extraordinary and excellent. The lampshade color is rustic and the branches are uneven, making it even more worthy of praise.




Is the corner of your bedroom empty and dark? Place this wonderful branched lighting creation and illuminate not only that corner but the entire room with this piece. This can act as a cutting edge nonchalant Christmas Tree too.

Lighting 9


Book Shelf

What an exceptional idea for a book shelf? Position this massive model in your study area or living and observe the developments within yourself as a person. This is not just an object of furniture, this is an inspiring creation of exquisite art.

Book Shelf10


Keychain Holder

Are you bored of maintaining and storing lots of keys on the same old uninteresting holders? Let this be your new key companion. It is white, beautiful and basic. But it is great at the job it has been assigned.

Keychain Holder 11



This is a never-seen-before design for something as technical as a USB. It is sleek and urban. Add this quirky yet rooted item to your stationery and let every onlooker marvel at your priced possession.

USB 12


Kitchen Rack

Do you need pots and pans at every second moment and cannot be bending down in endless searching? Then here is your genius storage rack. Use it in the kitchen or elsewhere, it does a satisfying job.

Kitchen Rack 13



Organize your knick-knacks and decor accessories in this lovely tree branch tray. It is cool, elegant and a fresh way to keep all that mess under microscopic control.

Tray 14


Toothpick Stand

This tree branch inspired stand for toothpicks is innovative and niche. It is not different and not every day would you come across something like this.

Toothpick Stand 15


Spoon and Cooking Cutlery

Kitchen spoons for cooking and normal cutlery in the format of little branches at the end are a wonderful and fresh thought.

Spoon and Cooking Cutlery 16


Fruit Bowl

This ultra-sweet fruit storage bowl can be flexibly used for storing anything else. Why not place it on the cabinet in the passage after the main entrance minus anything, this elegant creation would still stand out!

Fruit Bowl 17


Fruit Holder

Clever and useful, impress your guests when they come home for a quiet dinner or a sundown party. It is a unique way to spice the environment.

Fruit Holder 18


Jewelry Holder

Jewelry and hair ties are things that can never be stored under powerful scrutiny. But with this efficient holder that is branched out, you can evenly place your collection without the fear of not being able to find them when you need it the most.

Jewelry Holder 19


Curtain Tie-Back

Graceful tie-backs shaped as tree branches, add the fine details in the processing of personifying the entire room.

Curtain Tie-Back 20


Curtain Rod

Congratulate yourself and that window, every time you peep out of that spot. The curtains flow naturally on excellent branches placed above.

Curtain Rod 21


Bathroom Hooks

Place your gorgeously printed shower curtains on these tree branched hooks and fall in love with their attractiveness every time you step under your shower.

Bathroom Hooks 23


Candle Holder

You can make this lovely twig holder by yourself. With the help of a glass that you no longer use and some branches that you have collected over autumn, incorporate it and place your candle in this heaven.

Candle Holder 24



Simple yet stylish, is what this lovely wall clock echoes while it is placed in your living or bedroom.

Clock 25

Tree branches that have fallen or are of no use can be collected and used in all these ideas and more with a little innovative input for your decor.


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