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Let White Outshine your Home Decor

May 31st, 2013 By

The purest color in nature’s palette is white. As soon as you think of this color your entire imagination echoes honesty, ambition, flair and peace. It is a worldwide understanding that white’s can be easily ruined in our living spaces. But no color is as strong to carry any other element in your decor gracefully.

Cleanliness is next to Godliness

White defines clarity. It is a divine shade. It is simple yet an exquisitely royal hue. It brings the best out of your living room or front porch area depending on the other accessories you have chosen for your house.

The Roads to Heaven

Do you wish to live in a world that is part of the reality and yet keeps you aloof and alive in the realm of magic? Then this color is your ultimate choice for your stairway. If you live in a duplex and have all the liberty to choose how your house can be transformed into being nice and contemporary, why not choose this color. This beautiful staircase is highlighted with a plethora of other accentuating and beautiful additions like the painting, the shelves, the lights etc.

home decor1


The Smooth Ride into your Dreams

How quaint and essentially innocent do this bed look? It is inviting and extremely beautiful piece to adore your bedroom spaces with. It is a remedy for your all that stress you carry back home. The lampshades around your dressing table and the fresh flowers along your bedside make sure they act as magical catalysts to the entire ensemble. Scented candles, serene potpourri or cute cactus plants in tiny ceramic pots around the window sill will further emphasize the transparency of your room.

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The Spotless Cocoon

Anything that you do in your room including beds, curtains or other decor items, you’d hardly pay attention to those bare walls, that actually add the finishing touch to your glory. Paint your walls white and complement them with abstract and contemporary paintings, wall arts or decals that would work in contrast against the bare white walls. But anything that you put will look great, because white is so versatile that it can fathom anything and make that entire jazz look rendezvous.

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The Beauty of everyday Living

Do you spend most of your time in the living room, stitching, reading or just scrolling away those trolls on Facebook? Then this look to your living space will enrich your daily life. It is clean and free of clutter. It has basic elements but its innocence is glamorous in every sense.

home decor4


The Journey towards Knowledge

White boosts your brain cells to concentrate every minute detail that you read. It makes you think and allows your curiosity to climb the ladder of knowledge. This beautifully designed study area, along with a tiny kitchen porch is innovative, stylish and brave. It has incorporated so many themes and brought all of them together harmoniously under this one roof.

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There are umpteen ways in which you can choose white as your shade to glory. But it is one color, which will never put you down, it will only lift your spirits high.


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