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Living Walls – A Greener Way to Decorate Your Home

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Decorating walls in a home need not be limited to the use of accessories such as photo frames, wall arts, or paintings. Various other forms of decorative items can help spruce up a wall. Among the many options, a living wall is an excellent means to add natural beauty indoors.

A vertical garden also known as a living wall comprises an arrangement of plants, which are fixed on walls. It is fashioned to give an illusion that its growth springs from within the walls. Unlike, plants’ growing up the side of a house, a vertical garden is contained inside a frame. Homes with limited floor space for plants may opt for such method. Initially introduced for outdoors, these have become increasingly popular and now form a part of interior decoration, for their several benefits. Here are a few ideas on incorporating a wall garden within your home decor.

The Advantages

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Before you explore their design front, take a note on what makes them an excellent choice for your home. A vertical garden consisting plant absorbs CO2 indoors and works as an air filter, purifying air from any toxins, thereby, improving the health of your family. Planting up a garden on the outside of one’s home dramatically reduces the need for additional cooling during warm weather. Additionally, it minimizes heat loss in winters, therefore, making for a substantial savings on energy bills. Apart from environmental and energy conservation, these gardens provide a measure of space adequate for growing food. Moreover, it boosts health and well-being of residents. Greenery is known to uplift and calm the mood of humans, especially while under stress.


Installing a Living Wall Indoors – How?

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Pocket System – The easiest way to have an instant garden in your home is using the pocket system method. This involves the use of totes or pouches. Begin by fixing each bag onto the wall; add soil into the pockets, and then place your choice of plant in them. One need not worry about their interior walls since all pockets are lined with a moisture barrier that keeps the wall from getting wet. These are available in different arrangements. Regularly water the packets at intervals.

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Hydroponic SystemThis system consists of growing medium and plumbing, along with drip irrigation, especially if you seek to create a large or complex wall. Accordingly, form a structure comprising a series of shelves by attaching several containers to a wall. This structure will contain your living wall. In order for every plant to receive ample amount of light and that it can take in sufficient water, make sure the structure is well aligned. It is important that the wall is permeable so air can pass through or over it. Here the wall needs to be waterproofed, use plastic sheeting. Unlike in pocket system, plants are to be rooted into a reinforced layer of vertical growing medium. Equip a micro plumbing system that pipes water and nutrients from top – feeding the roots. The hydroponic system will take care of itself, needing less manual effort.


Choose the Right Plants

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To have the most talked about indoor wall garden be sure to choose the right plants. Remember, every plant has the ability to remove various types of toxins, so go for variety. Always pick plants that are suitable to your environment, it is important for their healthy growth and survival. Adding a mixture of plants belonging from the spill, thrill, and fill categories make for a lively and distinct wall. For example, spill plants are ideal to act as drapes to cover the pockets’ and side edges in a frame, thrill plants aid in creating a visual focal point, which add a dynamic value, and as the name suggests, fill plants are meant to fill and cover any pockets or space in between plants.  For a dense and lush effect use big and likely full plants. Visit a nursery on deciding your options.

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Set a Theme and Color Tone

You do not want your wall to appear vague, and look out of place. To make the wall look dramatic and appealing, choose a theme. Opt for one that reflects a flavor and mood you want to be prominent, but at the same time compliments the interior design of your home. There are several themes, which can be applied to a living wall, such as summer flowers, fall colors, cocktail party, perfume garden, winter color, and many more. Color plays a vital role as it accentuates a chosen theme. Create a color palette by arranging a series of colors beginning from the dominant to secondary to a couple of contrasting ones tones. To be safe, pick at least two colors, each relevant and matching the theme.

Green plants on wall 10         Green plants on wall 11Adding a vertical garden, whether in the living room, dining room, or other, due to its natural features lends an exquisite feel to an interior. It provides a distinct appeal and texture, which contributes to achieving a serene and soulful ambience. A living wall promotes good health and beautiful interiors.


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