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Make it your way: DIY Paper Bags

Nov 12th, 2012 By
You may need paper bags for various reasons. Rather than spending so much money over getting normal packets like this, you can craft them out yourselves. This way you can decorate these bags the way you want. You can also choose patterns, designs and colors according to your wish. Fall and winter are excellent seasons to include this in DIY project

Thank You DIY Paper Bags

You can thank your relatives and friends are a special way. You can craft a smart red colored paper bag with thank you message stamped on it. Fill it with gifts and tokens and send it across in a mail. It will certainly delight the ones you love. You can also use it to return favors in a creative way.

DIY Gift Paper Bags

You can also use colored papers and art objects to make gift paper bags. You can use it for several occasions. Whenever you need to gift something to anyone, you may place the item in such bags. You can then give it to the concerned person. You may even decorate your doors and walls with them.

DIY Christmas Paper Bags

You can get ready for this Christmas and winter with a twist of décor ideas. You can simply enjoy this paper bag making DIY project. You can create Christmas inspired containers and boxes and use it to store items. You may even gift treats to children in them. Draw something on the paper or attach an artful object on it to make them look more wonderful.

Favor DIY Paper Bags

Many people go in for weddings this season. You can make favor bags all by yourself for this occasion. You can get inspired by winter theme and craft out mistletoe pattern on them. This will make even a simple brown paper bag quite adorable this way. You can set them in outdoor and indoor wedding. This is a gorgeous looking carry bag as well as favor bag for your guests.

DIY Colorful Paper Bags

You can even use colorful chart papers or old shopping bags to make new ones for yourself. You can utilize these packets for various purposes. You can store vegetable and other things in it. You can even carry it out as lunch bag. You may even convert them into lanterns by another DIY project idea of home lighting.

Packaging DIY Paper Bags

You can carry these paper bags to bring groceries and supplies. You can also place any belongings or items in them. You can also gift things in this kind of packets. You may decorate your home shelves and racks with them. It will also look alluring in kid’s room.


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