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Modern and Traditional Mix for Dining and Living Rooms

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If you desire a decor that reflects one of a kind look with the best of past and present times, opt for a mixed style. Avoid matching, instead mix-contrasting styles together and get stunning looking interiors.

Blending contemporary and traditional style though challenging is very creative and presents the decor a unique style statement. In a series of styles, mixing modern and traditional has become a hot trend and a source to voice out one’s taste. The dining room and living room are two prominent spaces within a home that is frequented often. This article aims at providing ideas on mixing modern and traditional accents in your home decor.

 Dining Room

 Mixing Modern Decor into Traditional Space

Infusing modern furnishings in a traditional styled room begins with creating contrast. Emphasize various shapes, materials and texture along with decorative details to attain a distinct yet chic looking interior. Carefully chosen modern decorative elements can give a traditional space a contemporary appeal without looking uncoordinated.


Contemporary rug in dinning room1


Rearrange settings: make room at the table by sliding away few chairs and place a bench wearing upholstered fabrics with modern pattern. Add a streamlined design wooden table accompanied with complementing cushion chairs made of wood, metal or even plastic. Since it is all about mixing, make sure you use a contemporary rug on the floor. As chandeliers instill an endearing effect to a space, avoid excessive large and elaborate chandeliers. A simple glass or even plastic one will work wonders. Wall mirrors can further help to give your dining room a distinguished look.


Mixing Traditional Decor into Modern Space

 Many may find it surprising but traditional appliance and decor items harmoniously blend in modern interiors. The mix strikes a perfect balance between contemporary and traditional style, a transitional type. While introducing traditional furnishings, be certain to maintain a balance in the use of wood and metal. A thumb rule as mentioned earlier is to create contrast.


Traditional rug in dining room2


Apart materials, shapes must be utilized consistently. An oval or round shape table in a room calls for a distinct look. A rectangular shaped traditional or oriental rug under a table enhances the traditional value. In addition, use-contrasting tones on your wood based table set. If yours is a small sized room, a square-metal made chandelier above will contribute to it being the focal point in a room. A traditional wall dresser teamed with a framed wall mirror in the background exudes a hint of vintage feel. Accentuate the dresser with a bronze or other metal table lamp and a wooden or ceramic flower vase. Use pastel color curtains as an accent to complement the room’s ambiance.


 Living Room

 Mixing Modern Decor into Traditional Space

 In order to give your traditional styled living room a modern feel, use bright shades and prints. While decorating the living room, utilize small floral printed curtains preferably made of linen. Splash colors with a set of brightly colored throw pillows having images, scripts or motifs. Besides incorporating wood and metal, glass may be used for center table. They carry a modern theme to them. A geometrical pattern carries a modern touch. If you have vintage chairs, replace the cushion covers with bold prints. Bring in modern pieces in the form of table centerpieces made from porcelain. A contemporary tufted area rug with abstract designs ensures to hold all the appliances of the room together, giving it a binding appearance.


Contemporary rug in living room3


Mixing Traditional Decor into Modern Space

 To create a cozy and a rich atmosphere within a contemporary styled room, make sure you place a large traditional designed sofa. Use a tad light colored pillow covers carrying similar patterns of the couch. However, use a simple vintage inspired wooden center table to create a seamless flow of design through the room. Adorn the dark tone center table with silver or gold colored traditional candleholders to add contrast to your walls if they sport dark hues. A traditional rug with a combination of intricate patterns and rustic colors evoke a soothing effect indoors. In view, on giving a traditional touch, integrate few modern decor articles. A framed image, wall art, abstract designed centerpieces and table lamps are some fine examples.

 Traditional rug in living room4

A blend of two distinct styles such as modern and traditional, can help give your home a refreshing appearance. Follow the above ideas and give your dining and living rooms a transitional effect with mixing contemporary and traditional accents.


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