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Modern shag rugs are trendy

May 3rd, 2013 By

What is the trendiest item in your home? Chances are, you will point out to your modern shag rug. Yes, these shag rugs are the most popular home decor items this season. They have been practically sold out in several online and retail stores.

If you are hunting for something that is trendy, then look around for contemporary rugs. As a part of this collection, shag rugs are much in demand. Whether online or in retail stores, these floor cover sales have been the largest. Perfect for all seasons, these floor covers are uniquely designed for each room. Let’s take a look at the variety of shag rugs designed for your home:

Shag rugs1

The classic black and white shag rug or zebra shag rug

Home decor experts swear by the unique appeal of these floor covers. Having a black and white combination floor cover gives the room a distinctive style. It helps go beyond blending the colors of the room. Accentuating extremities of the color palette, these dual-toned floor covers are ideal. They are perfect for any room including the bathroom. Don’t hesitate to experiment with them everywhere at home.

Gold Shag rugs

Don’t be bashful and let out your true style. If you imagined bringing the world of style at home, then try these gold floor carpets. Made out of exquisite wool materials, they are ideal to accentuate your living room. Even if it is a bedroom, these floor covers have their own radiance. From the furniture to the walls, every item in the room will radiate along with the floor covering.

Shag rugs2

Single-toned shag throw rugs

Did you want something to highlight your furniture? Your sofa will have a different look with an exquisite throw cover. They have the potential to make the sofa or a bed look exclusive. Giving the furniture an extra sense of warmth, these throws fabric covers are very popular. Especially perfect for the bedroom and the kid’s room, these throw fabric covers are available in all sizes online.

Shag rugs3

Multi-color shag rug

Extend your creativity to your wooden floors. Don’t hesitate to decorate them with a variety of colors that are apt for all seasons. No matter what the style of your floors, they could do with a bit of color. Take a multi-color floor cover to give a touch of excitement to the room. One of the most popular area floor carpets, these are made with exquisite materials and dyes. You may find a wide variety of bold patterns to accentuate all the colors within the floor covering.

Shag rugs4

So, when you are planning on going rug shopping, ensure that you experiment with all of them. Don’t rule out any pattern or design as you may find the most bizarre pattern, appealing. Bizarre patterns like the zebra floor covers are sold the fastest online. People want to experiment and don’t limit themselves to a particular set of colors and patterns.

Shag rugs5

Shag floor covers are the best amongst contemporary patterns and give every room a sophisticated sense of style.


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