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Most Sought After US Architecture now in Homes

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Publicly and through the survey of the American Institute of Architects, there are certain monuments and buildings that are popularly seen as the grace of the nation. But, these architectural beauties are not just a tourist attraction and pride of the US. Interior designers even draw inspiration from them. The influence of these buildings and architecture are seen in home beautification as well

For a long time, building and monuments have served as an inspiration to home decorators. Here are a few structures in the US that are sought after by interior decorators as an inspiration to design homes.

Golden Gate Bridge

This suspended bridge spans the Golden gate into the Pacific Ocean in San Francisco. This is probably one of the major attractions for the tourists. Hence, you can find accessories that beautify homes to have gained inspiration from this structure. A fine photo frame canvas that depicts the Golden Gate bridge can complete a modern room wall.

Golden Gate Bridge1


Empire State Building

This building is a skyscraper of 102 storeys. An art deco styled structure. Empire State is now currently the tallest building in the world in New York. The city of dreams, New York is a main hub of modern living. You will come across home accessories that bear the print of the Empire State building. Throw pillows, linen, carpets and many other items can possess the print of this structure.

Empire State Building2


Chrysler Building

Another popular art deco style building, Chrysler, stands tall at 1,046 feet in New York. It is the tallest brick building in the world. Due to the beauty of this structure, many interior decorators were provoked to take include the design of it in home beautification. You can see the furniture like chair, coffee tables and bed posters bear the structural design of this building.

Chrysler Building3


United States Capitol

This building is in Washington that is the house of the US Congress. It is located on the Capitol hills. It is one of the important structures in the US. Therefore, miniature model accessories that have the shape and design of the this structure are easily found in the market. United States Capitol styled sculptures, fireplaces, furniture and clocks are a few of the items are accessible to customers online.

United States Capitol4


Tribune Tower

The Chicago Tribune is one of the well-read newspapers in the US. Tribune Tower is not only a structure that is meaningful to the journalists, but also is one of the tourist attraction places. It has an influence of neo-gothic art. So, home accessories that have vintage and gothic design can look good with the Tribune Tower inspired lamps, chandeliers, candles and other lighting options.

Tribune Tower5


Gateway Arch

This modern styled structure is present in St. Louis and is a part of the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial. This structure is again a design inspiration to many interior decorators. Bookends, shelves, centerpieces, lamps and other decorative items in this design are among the popular home beautification objects.

Gateway Arch6

So, now you can inspiration from the several landmark monuments and buildings in the US. You can purchase accessories or items that possess the design stimulation from these structures.


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