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Multicolored Shag Rugs for Vibrant Home Interiors

Feb 17th, 2013 By
Modern homes are very different from the traditional apartments. Modern homes have much more than simple convenience. They have interiors that lure visitors. You must choose every element of home decoration wisely so that the home looks colorful and impressive. Here are a few modern shag rug options that can change the way your home looks.


About The Rug

This is a very unique rug. You can use this rug to cover the floors of your living room. Here is how a green multicolored shag rug will look in a modern green living room. It will perfectly blend with modern green home interiors.

Fabric Used To Make the Rug

This distinct rug is made from polyester fibers. The rug looks attractive due to the bold colors. As it is a synthetic fiber, you may not like to use it if you believe in green living.

Type of Rug

This is a colorful rug that falls in the category of modern or contemporary shag rugs. You may also categorize it as a synthetic rug as it is made from polyester fibers.

Color Options in the Rug

The rug is available in four distinct color options. The rug shown in the figure is a multicolored green shag rug. It has strips of light green, dark green and rust orange. The combination makes the rug look very impressive.
Apart from this, we also have a white multicolored shag rug. This rug has a combination of white, gray and beige on its surface. The rug is apt for light colored rooms.
The third rug in this category is an orange multicolored shag rug. The rug has strips of two distinct shades of orange. It also has occasional strips of brown. The rug looks amazing on modern wooden floors.
The last rug in this category is a brown multicolored shag rug. The rug has different shades of brown. There are alternate light brown, dark brown and black stripes.

Cleaning Tips for Polyester Rugs

As the rug is made from polyester, here are some tips to maintain the polyester rugs clean. The polyester rug is often preferred as it resists stains. Cleaning a polyester carpet is relatively simple.
You may vacuum the rug regularly to keep the rug free from dust and allergens. You may deep clean the rug annually to help it stay in good condition. If by chance the rug gets stained, clean it immediately before the stain deepens.


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