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Myriad Shades of Green Shag Rugs

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Shag rugs are often preferred by people due to their longer pile. These rugs are often soft and attractive. They have a fine texture. The softness and tenderness of the rug greatly depend on the material used to make the rug. Synthetic materials may lead to harder rugs. Here are a few great green shag rugs which you may use to protect your floors.

Multicolored Green Shag Rug

This is a shag rug with a long pile. It has several shades of green. The rug looks amazing especially if placed against a plain background. You must maintain the rug clean. Shag rugs gather dust and allergens easily.



Wavy Green Shag Rug

This shag rug has a wavy pattern on its surface. The pattern may even fall in the category of contemporary rugs. It is a very distinct rug and will blend well with modern minimalist décor.



Grassy Green Shag Rug

This shag rug looks like a lump of grass. Its shade resembles the natural grass. You can use this rug in the passageway or stairway. It will be an added attraction.



Golden Green Shag Rug

The shade of this rug is very unique. It is a golden green shade. The shade will easily lure all visitors. You must maintain the rug clean if it has to retain its showy appeal.



Longer Pile Green Shag Rug

This is also a shag rug. The pile of this rug is very long. Cleaning the rug can be quite difficult. It can get soiled easily. This rug is apt for guest rooms or rich looking living rooms. There are special instructions to clean these rugs.



How to Maintain Shag Rugs?

Here are some vital tips that will help you keep shag rugs intact.

  • You must regularly vacuum shag rugs.
  • Follow the instruction manual when it comes to maintenance of shag rugs.
  • Buy shag rugs from reliable retailers.
  • Rotate the rug occasionally to enable uniform fading of the rug.

Research regarding the price of the rug before you venture to buy the rug.


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