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Myriad Techniques of Hand Tufted Wool Rugs

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From many years high quality rugs were only produced from wool and silk yarns. In many countries it has been all woven and tufted by hand and in some countries is still. Later on with invention of machineries and industries, these methods were flourished further. In recent times manufacturers are using advanced tufting guns. These are the advanced technique in hand tufted wool rugs which injects the yarn to the backing. These backing acts as a foundation to maintain yarns set up.

Take a close look on the more advanced methods of both of these hand tufted wool rug making techniques.

  1. Tufted Wool Rug Production:Firstly a design is then the style template is carefully transferred to the backing. The backing is vertically positioned and mounted within a frame. The tufting guns are then tufted with yarn colors. Then, large spools of numerous color threads are feed in to the guns. All the various colors are integrated to create the ultimate product. Finally a smooth finish is created with the searing process that shears the facial skin loops in rugs. Often you will have a mix of cut and loop piles creating an attractive contrast and texture.These hand tufted wool rugs are high on quality. They have an attractive appearance and sturdiness. One can easily find versatility in the designs. Such as simpler to integrate complex designs to the production process. The best features of these rugs are that they are made from natural fibers that make it more appealing and unique.
  2. Custom Rug Fabrication: These are designed and manufactured in another way. The availability of custom rug fabrication is abundant. This availability has established another technique of rug making called Custom Inlay Fabrication.Every day carpet mills produce large rolls of tufted carpets in a number of styles and colors, this is the typical carpet found in all carpet stores. A carpet dealer can order these pre-tufted carpets from the roll, or perhaps in smaller quantities. A rug fabricator then orders the various colors which are needed. A template with the design is carefully created. These rugs are designed on tables.

There’s a second phase of this fabrication process called carving. In this procedure shearing and beveling of design details are made in rugs. If done properly this may elevate the rug making process towards the elite status liked by decorators and designers.

Both methods present an excellent finished product. Natural fiber, tufted wool products will always are more expensive plus general be more difficult to produce. Thus hand tufted wool rugs are more appealing with the users. Lastly, end up getting a lovely customized home interior that reflects your distinct personality and character with hand tufted wool rugs.


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