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New Styles of Rugs to Improve Home Aesthetics

Sep 11th, 2013 By

There are varied options of flooring available these days online. However, you need to select the one that appeals the most. Here is a list of new styles of rugs that you can use to beautify home interiors and perhaps the outdoors. Know the key features of these fabric covers. Along with distinctions in tones, illustrations, shapes and sizes, these are also an ideal pick home decor enthusiasts because of being inexpensive

Some people have a penchant for both modern and traditional décor. Transitional rugs are a perfect combination of contemporary and oriental patterns. Fine blends of these two styles make them one of the extensive examples of color, design and fabric choices in flooring covers. Though these are reflection of conventional and novel designs, they have their own attributes.

Characteristics of Transitional Rugs

1) These come in various shapes, sizes and patterns. Unlike traditional fiber flooring, there is no restriction to the options of patterns, structure, layout and shades. Elegance and quality are two virtues that set them apart from other flooring covers. A mishmash of abstract, geometrical, floral and classy prints forms their distinct features. Hence, they go with myriad home themes.

Transitional rugs yellow and orange 1

2) Conventional floor covers are popular for natural materials. However, many homeowners prefer synthetic fiber as well. These fiber products can possess a mix of both natural and synthetic materials. This aspect makes them even more flexible. These are abundantly available all around the year. Hence, it is easier to find fiber covers for low, moderate and high traffic areas in this style category.

3) As there is no constriction in the features of such transitional fabrics, it simplifies the choices for customers. People can pick the one of their choice without actually exploring the intricacies of this style category. In traditional carpets, customers have to pay attention to key features that reflect their authenticity..

Transitional Rugs blue and white 2

4) Another important facet of these products is that these are cost efficient. As these are available in bounty, and popular among customers, prices are low. Sale offers and seasonal discounts sometimes make these cheaper. When it comes to transitional counterparts, individuals do not have to stress of any such characteristics, but freely make a selection


Features of Contemporary Rugs

1) Home designs are on route to changes according to fashion and interior decoration trends. To keep up with such revolutions, we need equally appealing accessories to revitalize room surroundings. Hence, choosing fiber covers are not just about protecting floors, but also to create a sustainable match with the features of room design and other features. Contemporary rugs are delightful examples that add freshness in home décor.

2) These fiber products have the ability to increase the value of rooms by including stylish patterns, varied hues on their well-constructed pile. Illustrations inspired from lifestyle, accents, sceneries, modern art and other patterns are a part of the pictorials on their surface. Hence, these become an accessory that complements room design wholesomely and not just the floor.

Contemporary rugs red and white 3

3) Right from neutrals and casuals, choices in vivid and dark colors are found in these fiber products. Fusions of rich shades, soft or bright, are prominent in them. However, plain and solid variants are also available in plenty in this style category. Hence, a person has the freedom to combine multiple accessories with these flooring choices without restricting the room of creativity in interior decoration.

4) Experimentation with designs is not common in traditional counterparts, but such limitations are not seen in contemporary styles. Modern age graffiti, 3D art, abstract illustrations, psychedelic themes and patterns are some of the designs in fad for these fiber products. Hence, these usher trendiness from all walks of life in home when it comes to craftiness and imagination.


Contemporaray rug beige 4

5) Conventional shapes like square, rectangle, round and octagon are common among many fiber flooring. However, contemporary fabrics may vary in shapes inspired from animals, objects, abstract art and many other aspects. It is not a surprise that shapes of such fabrics are now an awesome example of metamorphosis in modern world, exploring innovative shapes.


Beneficial Aspects of Shag Rugs

1) One of the most comfort providing floorings are shag rugs. The thick pile is their specialty, which makes these favorite among homeowners. These are good for high traffic areas, as they can take the stress of heavy footing. So, placing these at entrance of house, bathroom and kitchen can get rid of dirt present on people’s underfoot or shoes. Selection of this fiber product can be a wise choice for outdoors as well.

2) Shaggy floor covers render soothing feel to feet. Laying these in areas prone to social gathering can get the best out of them, as these grant soft touch to foot, rendering calming sensation. Hence, many homeowners may choose these for kid’s room and living areas. Shaggy runners are accurate for passageways and hallways, or even as stair treads.

Shag rugs green beige 5

3) Those made from natural materials like wool and cotton can stop leaks from affecting floors. Some of the shag rugs can work as insulating agents for floors. As these are heavy and thick, these can muffle creaks of wooden floor and absorb heat. These are popular in winters, but in other seasons, customers can choose thin pile shaggy fabrics instead that deliver similar functionality.

4) One of the advantages of these floorings is that these are durable. Because of their sturdy weave and pile structure, these can resist wear and tear for longer period of time when compared to its counterparts. This confers that customers who buy these fabrics literally end up spending less, as they do not have to expend on floorings on timely basis. Hence, these are also worth their price.

Shag rug multicolor 6

5) Shaggy floorings have always been associated with qualities like cozy, warm and stylish. Hence, these are not just examples of protective fiber cover or insulators, but an accent that completes home interiors. Different colors, shapes, sizes, shades and styles make these even more eye catching. This makes these fabric products a classy pick to embellish floors all around the year.

Floors are an integral part of home interiors. Gracing them with accents makes room look lovely. Fabric covers are one of the preferable accents for floors. Hence, transitional, contemporary and shag rugs together can grant beauty with functionality to a space. Apart from being cost effective, popular, versatile and durable, these fabric products are a priority of interior decorators and homeowners while designing a room. Hence, customers can look into collection of these rugs and pick the ones of their choice.


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