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New Zealand Wool Rugs for Nice Looking Floors

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New Zealand wool is often preferred to make area rugs. These rugs are preferred due to their soft texture and comfortable feel. These rugs are available in several different sizes and dimensions. There are New Zealand wool rugs in contemporary, kids, oriental, shag and floral categories. Here are examples of New Zealand wool rugs made in different styles and patterns.

Contemporary Rugs Made From New Zealand Wool

This is a rug made from New Zealand wool and this rug has a modern pattern on its surface. You can use this rug to decorate modern minimalist apartments. Here is an image which is a clear example of a contemporary New Zealand wool rug.

Contemporary Brown rugs 2

Shag Rugs of New Zealand Wool

Here is a bright yellow shag rug which you may use to cover your living room floors. This adds brightness to your entire living room. You must clean the rug regularly so that it stays impressive.

Oriental Rugs Made from New Zealand Wool

There are even decorative Oriental rugs that are hand woven using New Zealand wool. The New Zealand wool rug is soft, tender and has a very fine finish. It can be used to add beauty to your living room or guest room.

Modern Floral Rugs Made From New Zealand Wool

Floral rugs come in several different shapes and patterns. These may have modern designs or conventional floral patterns. The rug here is a modern floral area rug. It is simple and yet will perfectly match floral themed rooms.

Kids Rugs Made From New Zealand Wool

Kid’s rooms should have rugs made from good material. Since children are more prone to allergies, you must select good quality New Zealand wool rugs that do not attract allergens easily. This can also help you lead a healthy life.

Benefits of Using New Zealand Wool Rugs for Your Floors

There are several benefits if you use a New Zealand wool rug to cover your floors. These benefits are the main reasons why people opt for New Zealand wool rugs. Here we have listed a few of the key reasons which make these woolen rugs the first choice among customers.

  • New Zealand wool is the whitest and purest wool in the world.
  • It is easy to dye these fabrics into various shades and colors.
  • The rugs are also environment-friendly and can be used by people who believe in green living.



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