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Novel Towel Holders for Modern Home

Nov 1st, 2012 By
Towel holders are essential if you want your house to be organized. You need to have a towel holder in your washroom. Here are some attractive examples of modern towel holders you can use in your apartment.

Tree Branch Towel Holder

Do you believe in eco-friendly living? Here is a towel holder which is a perfect pick for you. It is based on a tree branch theme. It will surely catch everyone’s attention.

Animal Themed Towel Holders

These are animal themed and are excellent support for holding towels. They come in simple colors. Its unique shape is its biggest attraction.

Stylish Towel Hooks

This is a beautiful towel hook with towel written on it. It is made from metal. It lasts long without bending or breaking. You can use these to hang towels of any sort. Make sure these hooks don’t rust as rust can spoil your fabric.

Recycled Cutlery Towel Rack

As recycling is in vogue, these cutlery towel racks may turn out to be your first choice. These are also usually made of metal. Make sure the forks don’t point outwards as this leads to tearing of the towel.

Knife Themed Towel Holders

This is a creative design of towel holders. In this towel holder, the handles of the knives point out of the wall to support the towels and fabrics. These towel holders will blend well with minimalist décor of modern home interiors.

Creative Towel Holders

Towel holders even come in creative designs and patterns. They add beauty to your bath space too. They help you organize your bath accessories.

Towel Holders for Kids

Kids prefer colorful and creative towel holders. You can opt for towel holders with a cartoon or toy theme for your washroom. Make sure the towel holders blend with the rest of the bathroom décor.

Outhouse Towel Holders

You may even have a towel holder for your outhouse. These should be colorful, creative and have a natural color theme. Here is a wonderful example for the outhouse towel holder.


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