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Oceanic dreams with blue rugs

May 15th, 2013 By

Have you ever wanted to dream of the ocean? Blue rugs recreate the serene bliss of the ocean within your living room. Oceanic blue rugs can be placed anywhere in the house. You can create a theme based on the ocean within your home.

Blue is one of the most soothing colors of the color palette. Whenever we see this color, we are immediately transported to the bliss of the ocean. Most home décor items try to depict the bliss of the ocean by having oceanic wall hangings or fish tanks with curios from the ocean. Apart from these, one can choose to have oceanic blue rugs. They give the ideal effect of putting your feet in an ocean.

Blue Rug1


Blue rugs with serene oceanic currents

The peace of crystal blue waters can only be felt when it is depicted in a piece of art. Amongst the art pieces that are placed in homes, blue rugs stand out. These floor covers with oceanic themes will allow one to choose feel as though the ocean is right under their feet. From oceanic waves to ocean mists, one can capture any of nature’s beauty in colorful blue rugs.

Blue Rug2


Blue rugs for children

Children love blue on all their toys, beds or stationery. It is one color that they are very neutral about. With this in mind, one should hunt for blue floor covers of their rooms. It will be the best way to achieve unique home décor with this subtle color. You may choose to have electric blue or oceanic blues for their rooms. Either way, the idea is to stimulate their minds with a color that appeals them.

Blue Rug3


Blue floor covers with themes

We have discussed oceanic blue rugs at length. There are other varieties available in the similar color. For instance, oriental rugs are particularly famous in royal blue tones. Southwestern blue floor covers come in a deep blue tone. Transitional blue carpets come from bold patterns to bold blue colors. These floor covers experiment the most with this color. You may choose any one of these patterns with the predominance of blue, for your house.

Blue Rug4


Choose blue rugs with a pattern

Whether the patterns exist in the art or in the material on the floor covers, select one with the predominance of blue. This is an ideal way of ensuring that you have a color that blends well with rest of the furniture. Blue is a sophisticated color that can be applied best in floor covers. So, choose the right material with this hue or the right pattern for your home.

Blue Rug5

Online rug stores have a unique section for each one of the colors of the rainbow. Amongst these, blue rugs have a unique variety. They are exhaustive in nature from the materials to the art. Don’t hesitate to experiment with a variety of blue colored floor covers for any occasion. You may choose oceanic bliss or oriental splendor on different seasons. Ensure that your home décor connotes sophistication along with realizing your dreams.


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