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Odd Shaped Rug Options Available In the Market

Nov 6th, 2012 By
Rugs come in many different shapes and forms. Here are some unique shapes of area rugs apart from the standard square, rectangular, elliptical and circular area rugs. These are unique shapes that can be an attraction to your apartment floors.

Hexagonal Rugs

Hexagonal shape is ideal for modern home interiors. It is a symmetric shape which is not very common either. You can use these carpets as doormats. You may even use it in the living room or dining room.

Slipper Shaped Rugs

This is an area rug that is perfect for beach themed homes. It comes in natural blue and green hues. If you maintain these rugs clean, they can add beauty to your living room floors. They may even be ideal for your balcony area.

Spiral Rugs

These are rugs that have a spiral construction. They are usually solid rugs. They are simple and elegant additions to living room floors.

Triangular Rugs

These rugs have a triangular shape. Usually rugs are not available in this shape. You will have to customize existing rugs to get this unique rug. They may be hand hooked, hand tufted or even machine made.

Animal Hide Rugs

These rugs have the shape of animal hide. These may be made to show hides of different animals. They come in different colors and textures.

Heart Shaped Rugs

These can be used to make a romantic ambience in your apartment. They come in eye-pleasing and attractive colors and shades.

Car Shaped Rugs

These are ideal additions to modern apartment floors. This will go well with kid’s room décor. They are colorful and impressive. Kids will love to have such a rug in their room.

Flower Shaped Rugs

These are also colorful rugs. They are designed in the shape of a flower. They are simple and attractive.

Star Shaped Rugs

The star shaped geometry is very appealing. It can add color to minimalist homes.

Semicircular Rugs

These rugs are ideal as doormats. They can be used outside your doors. You may even use it outside your bathroom.


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