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Oriental rugs for remarkable home interiors

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Oriental rugs are brilliant choice for flooring. Since many years, these area rugs are popular for decorating home. These days, you can find them in many shapes and sizes. Earlier, they came in the standard shapes of square, rectangle, octagonal and round. But now with modernization, you can see more varieties.

Which Oriental rug should you choose for your home?

There are many kinds of Oriental rugs. They all originate from the Asian and the gulf parts in the world. With rug revolution, you can find them through online sites and make a cost effective purchase without spending much. You should know which Oriental rug will suit your home interiors the bets before buying them.

Persian rugs have a broad category within itself when it comes to the Oriental rugs. Tabriz rugs and Qum rugs are one of the famous choices you can look for. The Hereke and Tekke rugs are also an excellent pick for the home flooring. Most of them are made from wool and cotton. You can also find silk rugs in them.

Chinese rugs and Tibetan rugs are just glorious for home design. You can find dragon rugs or the prayer rugs that will suit the living room and the children’s room. You can have the prayer rugs in the chapel or the low traffic corners in the home. Tibetan rugs have the design patterns that find an influence of Buddhism.

Indian rugs and Pakistani rugs are also a wise pick for the home interiors. Many Afghan rugs are very gorgeous for the home design and can suit any room. You may find some of the best Tribal rugs in this category. Some of them have nice ornamental threading on the rug surface. You can use these Oriental rugs in grand regions of your home.

What makes the Oriental rugs pretty and magnificent?

Oriental rugs have the design patterns that are very alluring. Most of them have floral patterns and the designs of entwining vines and leaves. You can also find hunting scenes and that imagery display of various animals on them. The medallion is a motif that is present in most of the Oriental rugs besides the other geometric patterns and designs.

The Oriental rugs also have great eminence for natural colors of the fiber and other dyes. When wool is woven in different ways, you can find variation on colors. Cream, ivory, beige, gray, black, white color is mainly found in them. Colors like red, yellow, green, blue, golden, brown and others make them look eye catching for the home interiors.

This makes the Oriental rugs a definite flooring cover for your home and renders them all the charm they possess.


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