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Out of Town: Horseshoe Art for Farmhouse Interiors

Jul 8th, 2013 By

Do you want to redecorate your home to resemble a farmhouse? Alternatively, do you want to design your farmhouse with new accessories? You can repurpose horseshoes and create them into unusual accents to refurbish indoors and outdoors. Here are some examples that you can consider to renovate home interiors

Planter Stand

Recreate metallic décor with none other than horseshow magnets. Use them to form a fine shape to hold a planter. Install these items in outdoor gardens and home interior turd area. Such planter stands can bring home innovative appearance. This can be a nice DIY activity for the season.

Horseshoe Art1



Construct flower shaped wreaths with multiple horseshoes. You can use these accessories to upgrade outdoor regions. Affix these t garden fences and gates. These accents can refurbish a region with exotic look. So, you can also use it as welcoming accent on front doors and porch areas.

Horseshoe Art2


Wall Hook

Another cool accent for walls can be horseshoe hooks. These are great to reduce clutter, as you can place clothing and accessories on these items. If you are using iron wall hooks, then these can work well for outdoors as well. Adjust these on trees, fences, gates and pergolas for modern look. Though these accents are traditional, you can utilize them to revamp contemporary homes.

Horseshoe Art3



Construct cute wall sconces with help of repurposed horseshoes. Attach a table lamp to the sconce to illuminate a room interior. Such lighting ideas can be excellent for passageway illumination. You can also brighten areas like sunrooms, basements, garage and man caves with these light sconces.

Horseshoe Art4


Fruit Holder

Horseshoes can look adorable as fruit holders. You may need more than one horseshoe for this purpose. Attach a magnetic one to metal surfaces for stylish look. Use these items to revamp kitchen interiors and dining areas. Consider to keep your pantry area up-to-date with such fruit holders.

Horseshoe Art5


Door Handle

You can render a makeover to doors with horseshoe knobs and handles. This can make a farmhouse look completely beautiful. Such handles can bring rustic appearance to the doors and home exteriors. Pull in traditional style with such horseshoe inspired knobs and handles.

Horseshoe Art6


Utensil Holder

The ‘U’ shaped feature of horseshoes makes them compatible to hold items. So, you can use some of these items to accommodate utensils. Create utensil stands out of the horseshoes. These will uplift the design of kitchen and tabletops. Add these to breakfast nook or pantry. You can also create a centerpiece out of such accessories to beautify dining table on special occasions.

Horseshoe Art7


Home Sign

Beat the horseshoes together to spell out ‘welcome’ as a sign on doors. These signify good luck and charm. So, you can attach these to walls and outdoor doors to add a welcoming feel in areas. You can also use horseshoe monograms to induce entertaining look in home interiors as well.

Horseshoe Art8


Bathroom Shelf

Repurposed horseshoe shelves can be good for bath interiors. You can use these to stock toiletries and towels. These upcycled racks can render amazing appearance to walls and complete cowboy themed bathrooms. Utilize jute and eco-friendly accents to complement these racks.

Horseshoe Art9

Horseshoe accessories are told to bring luck and benefits to a person’s life. Many people use it as Feng Shui item. So, you can consider these accents for your farmhouse as well.


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