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Outdoor Rugs – Adding Comfort to Outdoor Living

Oct 19th, 2013 By

Man shares a bond with nature, essential for self-preservation and enjoyment. He has come to learn and acknowledge the importance of outdoor living. The front porch, patio, and gazebo areas have been transformed as an extension of our home, a lifestyle statement. Using appropriate decorations indulge in the exquisite beauty of autumn and celebrate its festivities.

With passing of time, the concept of “outdoor rooms” has significantly grown, indicating a variation between interior and exterior styling. This observation underlines the importance of approaching outer areas with right design style. That said similar to indoor carpets; outer floor covers make an excellent addition, providing needed beauty and practicality to them. To the uninitiated, here are a few reasons on how incorporating rugs help infuse interest and comfort in these important spaces.

Warm and Inviting

floral brown rugs 1

Whether you choose the porch, sun deck, or pool as a retreat to entertain friends and family, or simply to unwind on weekends, placing floor fabrics enhance their overall appeal. These help establish a relaxed tone, while providing floors a measure of protection. Moreover, seasonal inspired ones compliment the said area’s purpose, transforming them into splendid rooms, making it a worthy piece of conversation.


Unifies Decor Elements

transitional grey rugs 2

In a decor, especially exteriors, your favored nook is likely to wear the design scheme as per preference and the dominant theme existing in interiors. However, noteworthy here is that outdoor floor covers are versatile in form; they effortlessly pull together various elements of a decor such as furniture and visual tone-providing a seamless flow of pattern and texture. Before buying, make a mental note of furnishing and decorations you would incorporate, it will aid in narrowing down to a suitable rug.


Provides Aesthetics

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Outdoor floor fabrics are available in a wide array of styles and shapes, with various patterns and colors meant to elevate a room’s style quotient. Be it contemporary, traditional or a rustic theme you desire to express, implement each as an accent and compliment the relevant decor furniture. Unlike earlier times, today, they are no longer drab looking. Instead, are fashionable, accentuate ambience and provide rooms a healthy measure of appeal.


Durable Nature

solid red rugs 4

An interesting feature is their edge for versatility. Besides an elegant accessory, these are durable, since they can withstand natural elements throughout the year. You do not have to worry with regard to their texture and color fading due to sunlight and water. Made from materials as polypropylene, make them stain resistant apart from long lasting. Apt for use in eating areas, you have reasons to enjoy your party or get-together without fear of them being stained or wearing off.


Easy to Live With

eco friendly beige rugs 5

Outer rooms attract a lot of foot traffic along with natural elements. Interestingly, their cleaning and maintenance is a breeze. As noted above, made from synthetic fibers make them weatherproof. A simple spot-clean or vacuuming is enough for fabric care. Depending on the toll it undergoes, you may have to opt for different cleaning methods. However, one will never have to take it for dry cleaning.  Outdoor rugs make for an excellent addition even inside the house, in the family room, and foyer.

Today’s floor carpets besides being attractive are comparatively soft and consist of a low pile. In other words, they are shed free, which makes them suitable for play areas frequented by kids. Make your exterior areas cozy and comfortable as such, as interiors are simply by placing suitable outdoor rugs. Opt for ones that highlight seasonal accents; these reflect your spirit for the good and quality time spent outside.


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