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Oval braided rugs make for best accents on floors

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Materials used in oval braided rugs

Oval braided rugs can be had as a significant highlight on floors of the interiors and exteriors. There are many materials that can be utilized to make them. Predominantly natural materials are preferred by many. Wool, cotton, silk, chiffon, jute and even bamboo stripes are some of the options here. These can be stylized and patterned also. Besides them, some of the synthetic materials like rayon, nylon, polyester, viscose and many others can also be used.

oval braided rugs


Buy oval braided rugs

Braided oval rugs can be had from online stores also wherein you can have discount oval rugs or discount braided rugs. Some of the local garment stores also have such offers. This can make for quite a cost effective purchase if you are looking out for a bog order purchase. So if you are looking out for an urgent delivery then you can buy from a nearby store or plan out a purchase in such a way that you give an order for the merchandise few weeks or months ago.

Placement of oval rugs in home

Now the oval rugs of this type can be placed at any corner at your home but it has to be done in such a way so that it strikes a balance with the interiors. So if you are looking for a focal point rug then a braided rug of such kind will just add on to the charm of the interiors. You may also consider this as a living room rug to give an expression of a larger room with no boundaries of containment.

For dining room rug, these versions make for an amazing décor as you can have patterns of fruits and other geometric shapes also. For an attractive and exotic locale for interiors, you may consider them having patterns of leaves and vines with flowers.

For outdoor braided rugs, the oval ones will create a notion of wholeness and therefore you can have the impressions of tree designs on them with best of the natural pastel shades or the dark and deep hues for the fabric.

For bathroom and kitchen area you may choose oval shape for the wool braided rugs as this material can absorb the liquids fast and keep the floor stainless. You can even try country rugs in this category for halls and other rooms which have this theme. Patterns of rich color shade induced stripes can be found on oval braided area rugs of this kind.

Even black braided rugs of oval shapes can be had as a contrast with lighter tone shades present in the home atmosphere. They will also serve a nice welcome mat at the gate or the door. For kids rug, these can be had in versions of the cartoon figure depiction on the surface along with action figures for children’s room. Even runner rugs can be procured in oval shape which can be spread over the pathways and the hallways independently.

Construct an oval braided rug

You can even make oval shaped braided rugs by yourself also. There are few easy steps that you need to consider. First of all you have to get the fabric of your choice. Mostly you can use old woolen or cotton t-shirts you may have with yourself. Otherwise you can also buy the yarn of your choice from a shop. The second step will include cutting the material in strips of three or more of equal length.

Then you have to tie an end knot at one side in such a way that it has a threaded structure in the end. Start braiding by pushing one strip below the other while taking the third one over the top of the other two so that it locks the fragments. If you have more than three strips then you will have to divide the sections of the yarn in two’s or ones if not more. It depends on you the kind of thickness you require for the rug pile.

Make quite a number of such braided strips and now hold them down together and wrap around loops of thread with stitching machine so that they can be given a whole structure form and not just individual braided strips. You can even adopt another method of crocheting them after the braided strips are formed in oval shape.

After the final step, dust the pile and plain it out. You could have gone for un-dyed or colored strips according to your choice. However you can still dye the braided rug intensely by setting it in vegetable dyes or getting it colored by professionals. Now your oval braided rug is ready. You can make for an Oriental theme with red braided rug of oval shape here also.

Care for oval braided rugs

Now oval rugs do need some special care even if they are not just braided rugs. The pieces moreover have to be dusted regularly with help of vacuum cleaner and also soft brush bristles. You can also remove light stains with gentle detergents and soaps recommended by the manufacturers. See to it that you do not iron the surface without using a safety cloth overhead. If these are washable then see to it that they are not wrung so much to destroy the shape. Otherwise get them dry cleaned professionally.

If you see any damage on the threads then get it repaired immediately before a strip disengages and the whole rug comes off after getting tattered. Also move the oval braided rugs to the other side if you see dent marks caused by furniture placed on them. This will allow for the rugs to breathe easy.


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