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Patriotic Grooming for your Home this 4th of July

Jul 3rd, 2013 By

Convert your home into patriotic haven this 4th of July. You can live up with the holiday spirit by getting crafty. Celebrate the Independence Day by using U.S.A flag themed accessories to beautify home interiors. Invite a warm welcoming American red, blue and white fancy in the outdoors this day. Here are some exceptional ideas that will scream out freedom in room interiors and gardens


Drape the doors this day in grace of American flag inspired wreaths. With blue and red crocheted papers and fabrics, you can construct cute wreaths. Embellish garden walls and fences with these accents as well. These can bring a charming look to outdoors this year.



Dining Decor

Decorate a dining area with red and white striped tablemats. Place plates that bear U.S.A flag print on these mats. Stylize this nook with bright colored flowers and blue-white shaded jars and potpourris. Use ripe blue printed cutlery holder to complement these accents.

Dining Decor2


Throw Pillow

Bring nautical effect combined with American flag flavor using blue-white striped throw pillows. Attach a crafted fabric rose on the pillows to complete the décor of living rooms. These accessories can also look cool in outdoor seating areas.

Throw Pillow3



Engage in an entertaining DIY project of making U.S.A flag color inspired candles. Such candles can brighten your evening and night this 4th of July. These lighting choices can be excellent for recreation areas and dining rooms. Use these to update outdoor seating space in evening.



Ice Bucket

Galvanized American flag buckets can act as apt ice buckets this 4th of July. If you are organizing party this day, then this ice bucket can be an ideal accent for tabletops. Decorate your home bar this day with such accents. Draw excitement in lounge area with this ice bucket.

Ice Bucket5



U.S.A flag themed coasters can tune in your mood this independence day. Adjust these on dining table tops and breakfast nooks. These coasters can also work well as gift items. Make your day by beautifying outdoor seating and lounge areas with these colorful coasters.



Wall Garland

Spell out ‘Happy 4th July’ with paper and fabric garlands. Utilize these to decorate fireplace mantel and walls. Such garlands can also help in creating a welcoming look in the entryways and outdoors. Blue, red and white garland pieces can be utilized to accentuate trees in gardens.

Wall Garland7



Sketch out pattern of U.S.A flag on old mugs and jars to construct penholders. These will help to organize home office, library and study rooms. You can also place these holders in craft room to store scissors, spools and other items. Cut out cardboard and paper to spell out July 4. Paste it over these mugs to celebrate the Independence Day.



Decorative Hanging

Make decorative paper crafts of red, white and blue colors. String these to porch and patio ceilings or utilize these in outdoors. You can grant eye pleasing look to the seating areas this 4th July with these decorative hangings. Upgrade a kid’s room and sunroom with these accessories.

Decorative Hanging9



Give a rustic cabinet fine makeover by hand painting its surface. Make design of the U.S flag on this cabinet. Utilize this cabinet as a dresser or enhance your room storage area. You can also display it at entryway or hallway.


Consider these amazing 4th July inspired accessories to update home interiors and outdoors this month.


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