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Pep up your Reading Nook with Style

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Book fanatics often like to dedicate sometime to carry out their interests in a space where they can read in peace. Hence, many homes do have separate reading nook. But, how do you design and style it well? The post below will allow you to know more about the tips of reading nook decoration

Integrating with a Room

If you do not have a different space specially designated for reading purpose, you can very well integrate the nook in another room. Making a way for avid reading activity can be put in a bedroom. You can rest anytime and just hop on the bed or a chair to continue peeking in the book.

Reading room11) Choosing a living and porch area is also a good choice. Especially the outdoors as these regions can help you get a dose of fresh air.

2) Convert a loft, space under stairs, basement or hobby room into such a book zone. Clean out these regions well, so that there is neatness. This aspect promotes your concentration and looks for hygiene.

3) Build a corner for your interest in kitchen or bathroom. Many people enjoy reading while engaging in simple cooking or just rest with a book in a hot water tub.


Cozy Seating

You would not want to sit on a cold floor, or in warm stuffy surrounding while reading a book. Instead, calm and environment, coupled with cozy seating would bring much peace. Sitting for long hours in an uncomfortable area can cause back problems and lead to distraction. Hence, choosing right furniture is essential here.

Reading room2

1) A recliner, rocking chair and upholstered cushion sofa is apt for such areas. Sometimes wooden benches and stools can also work well. Try out floor beds with added cushion pillows for rest.

2) A fireplace around the seating space combined with spongy armrest can do the job of calming your senses. Maybe a functional coffee table with drawers will help in adding to the seating area.

3) Thick mats, rugs, shaggy carpets can grace the reading nook and complement the seating space. Adjustable backrest chairs will help in relaxing people more.


Ample Storage Options

Strewn books and documents in reading nook will just look a mess. Moreover, you will not be able to find the books that you need on time. Hence, to reduce the confusion and clutter, ample storage options are necessary. This idea will help in organizing the area for better. It will also aid in making the space look cleaner.

Reading room3

1) A cabinet for books with separated drawers to store books is apt for the reading nook. Wall shelves and racks are just cherries on the cake. To consume less pace and still make the most of dead area, utilize wall niches to organize the region.

2) Under the furniture or stairs, storage is also a pretty option to reduce clutter. Line the books in order on shelves and label them, if necessary.

3) Empty loft space and top of the gadgets, cabinets can be utilized as well for extra storage. Just make sure you do not build a mound of books here too much.


Swim of Decorative Items

A blank reading nook may look bleak. To enliven this area, you may bring some decorative items. Consider few wall paintings, sculptures, decals and craft accents to glorify such regions. Designer curtains and carpets to decorate walls and floors are an incredible choice. Pleasure your eyes with colorful tiles and scented potpourri in the surrounding.

Reading room4

1) Bring penchant with designer shelves of odd shapes. Toys and figurines are great to renovate a reading nook of kids. Perhaps combinations of tapestries and DIY wall garlands can grant wonderful appearance as well.

2) Flower shaped accessories along with oriental accents can bring a mix of country and Asian décor in your room. So, get paper fans, Feng Shui, ornamental mirrors to beautify this area.

3) Striped, animal print accessories, painted DIY racks, reclaimed storage chests and mosaic art accents are perfect to revamp a reading nook for the season.


Innovative Designs

Raise eyebrows by inviting quirky reading nook designs. Arrange books in a weird order to create a cavern. You may utilize old documents and books to deliver this task. Then welcome your guests and children to peek in and make them comfortable. On the other hand, you may just use spiral staircases in a library to awe people’s senses at the magnificence of design.

Reading room5

1) Ladder shelves, book shaped racks and storage boxes will look quite amazing here. You can also welcome trendy appeal with LED wall arts and door handles.

2) Utilize reclaimed items to build an artful decorative accent for the area. Complement these with matching window, wall and floor patterns. Line books of similar colors on shelves to bring a style statement.

3) Another way to include trendy patterns in reading nook is by using seasonal color inspired accessories. This will render a novel charm to room interiors here.


Recreational Mood

Lift up your mood with beautiful décor ideas for reading nook that will provide a recreational touch. This can be done with a symmetrical layout and theme for the area. Right from colors, accessories, storage to other aesthetic aspects, everything should reflect wholeness that will interest people who visit this nook.

Reading room6

1) Add light or soft music to the background to reflect your muses. It can help in granting soothing effect in the environment. Get a mix of your favorite songs, as you read in leisure.

2) Fresh smelling surroundings will provide the much-needed personal recluse in your reading cave. Scented candles, potpourri, sticks and other fragrant accessories can do the trick.

3) Create a visual treat with good-looking backsplash to bookshelves. Play with rich and subtle shades, mix multiple colors together and splay these into the room.


Illuminate with Love

Lighting up a reading nook has to be done intelligently. Illumination holds a lot of importance here, as you need brightness in the right areas. One of the ways is to choose central lighting. This will allow the space to look bright always. You can also install wall sconces and lamps on surfaces.

Reading room7

1) A table lamp in seating area along with floor lamps will bring a positive effect. LED lights, candles, broad chandeliers and arching lanterns can be just what you need.

2) Jar lights and cluster bulbs together can work as fancy illumination for reading nook.

3) Utilize decorative smoky and lava lamps to induce mysticism and create a lounge like ambiance for this area.

The above-mentioned tips will help you to upgrade your reading nook stylishly. You may adhere to all the elements suggested here to get a complete makeover for such spaces.


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