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Persian rugs

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Persian rugs are the best example of a traditional rug that depicts the branches of the famous Persian art and culture, Persian rugs are the best to give your home   a country style look. Persian rugs are the finest and the oldest type of oriental rugs.  The most unique and peculiarity of these Persian rugs is the manifestation of the Persian art and culture that would definitely take you back to the Persian culture.

Persian rugs are known for the elegant designs and luxurious look that it provides. Persian rugs are the best pick when you are planning to decorate your home in a country style setting with the exuberant style and patterns that it illustrates.  Persian rugs are durable fashionable and are flexible as they can be placed in any corner of the room. Persian rugs are available in a multiplicity of motifs to decorate your home with the best of the heritage style rugs.

Persian rugs are available in an assortment of material such as wool, silk, cotton yarns and many more. But the most demanded fabric in Persian rugs is the ones weaved in wool especially obtained from New Zealand. Persian rugs made from wool are long lasting and provide warmth in the room and makes the home breathe to life.  The material used in weaving the Persian rug depends on the quality of the wool thus makes the rug sustain for a longer period of time. While making a Persian rug the weavers do not use any synthetic materials or chemicals to keep up the durability of the rug. Persian rugs most often handmade thus they may take at least a year to prepare one rug.

Persian rugs are available in a multiplicity of colors that can e selected as per the color of your home. Persian rugs are available in a variety of textures and, shapes such as oval, square, rectangular, octagon and many more and also in a variety of textures that depends on the selection of the fabric and the quality of the fabric.

Persian rug style could be stated in terms of the method whereby the area of the rug is arranged. They are carefully linked with people from Khorasan, Kordestan, Hamedan and Azarbaijan. Each and every square turns into a knot, which makes it possible for a right rendition of even the most complicated style. More the count of the knot the rug becomes more durable. Persian rugs are best placed in the low traffic areas to keep the rug way from dirt and dust. Thus Persian rugs can be placed in any room to add charm and sophistication in any room you roll it out in.

How to install a Persian rug with the help of rug pads/anti-slip rug pads?  

Persian rugs can be placed in any room with the help of anti-slip rug pads. You just need to place the rug pad of the perfect size below the Persian rug   to keep you away from accidents caused due to slipping on the rug pads.   All you need to do is place the rug pad beneath the rug on the exact area where you want to place the rug, once you place the rug pad just roll out the rug on the anti-slip rug pad.

Cleaning, caring and maintaining the Persian rug:

Cleaning a Persian rug s is easy all you need to do is to clean the rug once in a week to keep the dust and dirt from getting saturated on the rug. Clean the rug gently with the help of a vacuum cleaner and to clean the stains you use a normal detergent with a clean damp cloth to remove the stains. 

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