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Personalize Your Halloween Decor – How?

Oct 14th, 2013 By

Our previous article spoke of popular Halloween themes and ideas to implement them for your house party, this season. Overtime, observation reveals many homeowners desire their homes to stand out from the crowd, look unique yet in harmony with the festive spirit.  Eventually, the question is how does one personalize their Halloween decoration?

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Each of us has our own sets of likes, hobbies, and activities, which we are passionate and love to indulge in. Each leisure pursuit stands as an extension of our personality and evidently defines us to others. In this article, we present and encourage our readers to tap on their hobbies and interests as a means to personalize holiday decorations. Pick a favorite activity and use it as a center theme around which you may build or in other words, customize your decor’s design. Here are a few ideas to play with this Halloween.


Book Lovers

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Books are the most valuable possessions in a book lover’s home. There is always a certain space or nook dedicated to treasure these literary gems. How do you base Halloween decorations on them? Quite easy, a simple DIY project will help achieve your goal. Search the internet for cover page images of popular horror novels such as Frankenstein, The Shining, Lord of the Flies, and The Haunting of Hill House. Make an ample collection and print them out. Use each to cover your books and put them on display, on the wall shelf, fireplace mantel, library, or table. Add cobwebs and spiders around to complete the look. Give guests an impression of your fondness for these scary masterpieces.


Movie Buffs

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If you are a movie buff then there is a ton of ideas and options to work with to deck up the home. Pick a couple of your favorite horror flicks–select a few menacing characters, buy their life size cutouts, gnome and discreetly place them in the foyer, hallway, kitchen and garden to give guests an intimidating welcome or surprise. Posters are visually appealing and make great accents to show off your enthusiasm for the movies. Hang them as wall art in the living room or hallway. Halloween is quite incomplete without masks, get an assortment of them and place them in nooks and corners of your home. Be sure to keep the lighting dim with spotlight on these creepy masks.  In addition, play soundtracks of these films to add drama.


Hobbies and Interests

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Apart from the above two interests, many hold close to heart several other hobbies like photography, playing musical instruments, painting, cooking, and other activities. Interestingly, all of them can serve a platform to decorate as well as make your Halloween decor look outstanding and unique. For example, stock a decent collection of photographs, especially portraits and if possible vintage. Add costume details and spooky features to each to evoke an eerie appeal. Hang them on walls as photo frames or in form of wall arts, which could be suspended from the ceiling. Likewise, foodies can prepare dishes and savories that have creepy elements to it. The possibilities are just about endless and depend largely on your creativity.

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This festive season, infuse your hobby into your Halloween decorations through any one of the above ideas. Mark it with a personal touch, wherein everyone gets to see a part of you. As a family, have everyone share in their creative side. Let each one contribute to every bit of decor items used and have a unique and personalized Halloween decor.


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