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Personalize Your Space with Monogrammed Home Decor Ideas

Jun 17th, 2013 By

Mark your personal space and highlight your taste with use of monogrammed decor accessories. Introduce within your interiors the idea of personalization and add an element of character and style with these customized decorative items.

The monogram is primarily a graphic symbol that consists of two or more letters combined and printed onto stationery items. In former times, monograms were widely used as a symbol of wealth by the rich and famous. They were a visual mark of one’s possessions, to denote ownership. However, today it has become more of a style statement. Getting your belongings monogrammed is a mark of personalization. Let us see some of the finest ways to decorate your home using monograms in your home decor items.


We are a coffee drinking nation and many will agree that most of us have our very own favorite mugs and probably even a little collection. Monogram your mug with your initials or a favorite quote and this way you can further personalize it. You may also you them as a centerpiece or use them as unconventional planters to decorate nooks in your kitchen or dining room.



Tile Coasters

A set of monogrammed tile coasters can be used as a means to convey a message, occasion or event. They are a unique form to highlight a theme or idea or simply state your initials. Add these decorative coasters to your dining table, study room or places where you find it suitable. These serve well for adorable additions.

Tile Coasters2



Personalize your seat at the dining table. Children especially are keen of their space when at the table. Add fun to this family time by incorporating monogrammed placemats with your kid’s initials on it. You may use different color monograms on each separate placemat with each family member’s initials.



Utensil Holders

When throwing a small party at home for family members or friends, being organized is necessary. Utensil holders are a boon for serving at a party. They make a great appliance to house your silverware, napkins and other items. Get an assortment of monogrammed utensil holders, these not only help you stay organized but add a splash of color to the entire event.  These make for a perfect combination of form and function.

Utensil Holders4



Another form of personalizing your personal space is by implementing monogrammed pillows. You have a wide variety of such pillows to choose in the market. Moreover, you can have them customized as per your choice of monograms. Be creative and add fun by opting for different letters backed with various colors, and which when teamed together can make up words or phrases.




Monogrammed doormats can prove to be an effective way to extend a warm welcome to your guests with a message, a holiday greeting, and some funny quotes or simply with your surname on it. They are among the few home decor accessories that are usually placed outside a house. You may state your presence by the use of such practical accessory.


Add a personal and creative touch to your home through use of various monogrammed home decor accessories.


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