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Pet Hair – Ways to Keep Them at Bay

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There is a certain fun and happiness in having pets at home. They are our source of amusement and the reason behind our many smiles. Every animal lover will agree to that fact. Nevertheless, our pets whom we love and care for tend to shed hair time to time and that can be a real nuisance indoors.
Homeowners having pets, like cats and dogs often have to deal with the extra hair that they happen to shed. This is more prevalent during warm weather. As a result, pet hairs spread almost in every nook and corner of the house, such as on floors, over and around furnishings, rugs, bed, and your clothes. In addition, if any among your family members or friends are sensitive or allergic to them, it becomes necessary to remove and control the spread of hair. Surprisingly, even your pets can suffer from the same. Removing pet hair can be challenging, especially when you constantly keep finding them around after repeated cleaning.

Here are some practical steps that will help you know where to look and how to remove pet hair from different surfaces found within your decor.


Primary Step – Control the Spread of Fur

Pet hair 1

An effective way to save time and energy on keeping your home interiors clean is to control the spread of pet hair from the very source. People who have dogs, especially more than one should regularly brush their coat. Brushing your dog’s hair every day at least for five to ten minutes and providing timely supplements for their skin, can avoid the spread of hair within your home. Apart from grooming, diet is crucial. The flaking of skin results in hair loss, which is a direct effect due to lack of nutrition. To reduce or rather control your pet’s shedding, it is recommended that you put them on a healthy diet. Additionally, restrain from giving your pet frequent baths, as this can lead to an increase in their hair fall.


An Overview – Top 3 Areas Where Pet Hair are found

The Living Room

At home, pets like to spend most of their time with us. Wherever we go, they follow suit and indulge along, for example, watching the television together. Look closely and you will discover hair on furnishings such as the sofa, cushions, throw pillows, accessories, rugs, and paintings or the wall art in your living room. Air filters are prone too, over the time accumulation of hair can get it clogged. One needs to go beyond the obvious surfaces to pick all your pet’s hair. Lack of knowledge or ignorance causes us to overlook certain nooks and corners within the room that tend to gather a lot of hair than we could have imagined.

Slip Covers 2Tape Roller 3

1) Vacuum – It is recommended to vacuum regularly under the furniture, if needed turn it to its side. Vacuuming on the back of your sofa and chairs makes for a thorough cleaning. Keep a regular as well a small vacuum cleaner at hand. A portable vacuum can go into corners and tight spots.

2) Washable slipcovers – Use slipcover on your appliances, easy to maintain as well as they will help keep your furniture hair free.

3) Tape/Hair roller – Tape rollers are effective to get rid of hairs on upholsteries, accessories, and other wall based decor items.

4) Rugs – You may opt for rugs, which are pet friendly-having colors similar to your pet; this prevents hairs from being seen easily. However, regularly vacuum and have them steam cleaned occasionally.

5) Air filters – Every home that has pets must replace the air filter more frequently so that the filter’s efficiency is not affected. Likewise goes with the furnace air filter too.

The Bedroom

Many pet lovers like to cuddle with their pets. Affection knows no bounds and often we tend to snuggle with them into our beds, especially singles and kids. As a result, pet dander is likely to be on all your beddings like pillows, sheets, and the headboard. Even photo frames, lampshades, windowsills, curtains and the dresser are prospective places for pet hair. If you have a radiator within your bedroom, its coils can easily attract a lot of hair. To tackle such situation besides vacuuming there are few other ways that need to be implemented to curb the spread of pet hair.

Lint Brush 4Rubber Gloves 5Dry Sponge 6

1) Velcro type lint brush – This type of brush is an effective way to clean all your beddings. They are equally effective on long curtains, and lampshades.

2) Rubber gloves – A pair of rubber gloves and a tape roller along can efficiently remove pet hair from photo frames and other small items where a vacuum may not have enough traction.

3) Dry sponge – Using a dry sponge makes it easier to clear hairs from windowsills, dressers, and the radiator. The material of a sponge is good for the job, for it easily attracts and holds fallen hair, which tends to stick on these items.

The Kitchen

Keeping your pet, especially dogs away from the kitchen is next to impossible. Some can be choosy eaters, well; they certainly enjoy a good meal as much as we humans do. For most, the kitchen or dining room is their turf. A kitchen can be a breeding ground for pet hair. For example, you will be surprised to know the amount of hair that gets collected under a refrigerator, the underbelly of furniture and drawers.

Dry Mop 7Sweep 8Mop Shoes 9

1) Dry mop – If you have tile flooring in your kitchen, dry mopping will help. For the rug under the dining table, use a handy vacuum since is not always possible to move around the furniture.

2) Sweep – At times, a broom can be handier than a vacuum to reach in spots where a vacuum nozzle may find it hard to reach. The refrigerator is one such appliance. Make a schedule to sweep under it as hairs easily settle down over there.

3) Mop or Rubber sole shoes – While carrying your regular errands in the kitchen, it advised you wear a mop slipper or rubber sole shoes, as they are an effective way to pick hairs from off floors and mats. In addition, keep an extra pair of rubber gloves and dry sponge for use in the kitchen, over countertops, shelves, and cutlery for they are equally effective here too.


A Closer Look

Furniture and Upholstery

Pet hair 10pet hair 11

Pet hair tends to sit onto almost everything within a home. You can probably see them on your cushions and sofas, but they are so small that it is difficult to pick them. To avoid this situation, train your pets to keep off the furniture. However, this may not always be possible. In such case, invest in a lint roller. They are an effective means for removing any hair from surfaces that attract them. A lint roller is practical for use on furniture like sofas, chairs and various other upholsteries found in a decor. Moreover, they are easy to use without getting your hands messy. Take hold of the handle and roll the surface with the adhesive up, down and across. Once you have finished, simply peel off the old piece to give way for a new one for next use. For big appliances, it is advisable you use sticky sheets since they are large and effective for removing pet hair.

Floors and Rugs

pet hair 12pet hair 13

As you have seen, pets spend most of their time over carpets and rugs. It is obvious that they find them cozy and comfortable. Nevertheless, this means an accumulation of pet hair, which due to breeze from the fan or the air conditioner easily spreads across rooms and on to floors. Cleaning them can be a daunting task. To deal with such situation, opt for a vacuum. When having pets, it is important to have a good vacuum, especially a handy one, and using them regularly. A small vacuum will allow you to get into nooks and corners where overtime hair could accumulate.

Another effective way is to use a vacuum attachment that of a lint brush. As you execute the typical lint brush motion, the vacuum will extract all dander and hair. Through this method, you will be able to keep all your carpets, rugs, drapes and other furnishings free of pet hair. In addition, wash your carpets and rugs occasionally; it will remove any stubborn dirt and stains that cannot be removed through vacuuming. Use an electrostatic mop for hard floors such as hardwood or tile floors instead of a vacuum. They are far more efficient to deal with such flooring.


pet hair 14pet hair 15

Each time a pet comes in contact with you or other family members, you are bound to find remnants of hair on your clothing. Take help of a tape roller to remove them. You will easily find it in pet stores. Always keep one around in your home. In case you run out of one, opt for a masking tape. It can perform the same job as well. All you need to do is tear and wrap a long piece of tape around your hand and gently pat over your clothes and other fabric surfaces. Washing clothes equally help remove hair. While putting your clothes into the dryer, place a static sheet along. Once cleaned, hang them aside.

Regular grooming and a proper nutritious diet for your pet will keep it from shedding excessive hair. Having adequate tools and applying the right methods will keep your home and appliances free of pet hair. Remember, it is the pet owners’ responsibility to maintain a clean home environment for their pets and themselves. Do not let hair loss problem get out of proportion and hamper a happy household shared by humans and pets.


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