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Picturesque Home Interiors with Shag Rugs

Feb 11th, 2013 By
There are some carpets that can renovate your home well. They can also have functional quality. These carpets can be made from different materials. We are talking about shag rugs. They are smooth and render warmth to your room floors. They look trendy and are most preferred by homeowners for comfort. You can buy them from our online stores at low price.

You may prefer to redecorate your house this season with shag rugs. They are extremely suitable for cold weather conditions. You can bring warm environment to life with these carpets. You may even choose them for places that for high traffic. These carpets can lie on such regions very well. They are utilitarian as well. You may even choose accent rugs of this kind for stairs and also other smaller regions.
You can accommodate them even in outdoors. The ones made natural materials like wool and cotton are nice for home interiors. You can use the carpets made from polyester and jute or bamboo for outdoors. You can even choose leather shag rugs for spaces that are sheltered. Leather can be affected due to direct sunlight and dust.

It is therefore advisable to place these carpets in home indoors. You can also choose them for areas that are also meant for low traffic areas. You can also make these carpets as one of the top flooring cover for your rooms. You can also revamp your bathroom with bath rugs that are shaggy. You may even make one by yourself with rag clothes and other soft items.

Maintenance of Shag Rugs

ou can also look forward to maintain these carpets well. You can vacuum them may be when dust collects on them. It is best to vacuum them every week so that the carpet stays clean. You can also choose to wash them. Some of them may be be able to be washed with hands. Others may need to be put to dry clean. You can also consider these for rug cleaning with help of solutions and agents meant to clean carpets.
You can also clean a shag rug with help of soft bristle brush. You may even make these carpets to be dusted with aid of soft broom or rug cleaning tools. You can also utilize these carpets in outdoors. You may clean them by hanging from rods and beating both the sides with rods. This will take out the deep settled dust and particles. You can also use soft cloth and wet linen to wipe out extra dirt materials.

You may even wrap the shag rugs properly in fabric bags. There are professional as well who can aid in storing carpets properly. You may even choose package material according to the carpet that you possess. You can also place these carpets in rooms that are clean and dry make sure that these areas d not have any wetness. You may even choose rug pads for these carpets.


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