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Ping Pong Ball Lights for Illumination

Mar 22nd, 2013 By

You may even use Ping Pong balls as lights for your home interiors. There are a few interesting ways on how you can convert them into lights and other illumination sources. You can also place these balls in your own bedroom or get them to another area in your house

You can create a cluster lamp from ping Pong balls. You may pack them together into a shape or design. You can then attach them to lampstand or a lampshade. Install small bulbs into them and wire them together. You can then plug in and also make it as a chandelier in the ceiling or your bedroom area. You may even use this in outdoor.

You can also use ping Pong balls as an occasional accent for your space. You can paint them with orange or red shade or make etched patterns of animals to give a wild look. You can then adjust them on top of the tables or other surfaces. You can then install them in your kid’s room and also coffee table. You may even get them for your kitchen countertop.

You may even cover the ping Pong balls with craft paper. Give them the illustration of eye balls. This can look amazing for kid’s room renovation. You may even use them for living room ceiling. It will look unique for your space. You may even choose to get them in your basement and outdoor lighting.

You can also create ping Pong ball chandelier for your space. You may also install them in the ceiling of our living room. You may also revamp your kid’s room with this striking chandelier. You can also get these accents for your guest area. There are few other ping Pong ball lights as well that you can try in the bedroom and also the sunroom renovation.

You may even try to install ping Pong balls on electric lamp wires and utilize these as the illumination source. There are objects that can hold these lights like storage box or even racks. You may simply place these light balls on top of these surfaces to brighten up the rooms.

You can also install ping Pong lights on a lamp stand and get them to renovate your home interiors. You can then get a candle wick installed in these balls. This can be a beautiful accent for your kitchen and dining area. You may even utilize them in your bedroom for romantic moments.

You can simply put ping Pong ball light sin jars and bottles. You may use them as lamps for the outdoors. You can also line them up in a room to illuminate the area. There are other ideas for these ball lights a swell. Just get them out in open in porch and patio passageways.


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