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Popular Halloween Themes for Your House Party

Oct 11th, 2013 By

Come October 31, you shall witness one of the year’s most celebrated nights, undoubtedly, for it will be Halloween. The most anticipated festivity of fall. Young or old, every celebrant looks forward to having a great night, and this holiday is just not complete without some healthy revelry and partying.

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Planning followed by preparation is crucial to have a successful party.  Equally, a theme is important for it makes it unique and helps guests to be well prepared. In addition, theme parties enable the host on deciding essentials such as choice of food and drinks. To all who intend throwing a party, we present you with some popular Halloween themes to style your party. Whether celebrating this occasion with kids or adults, there is one to suit your need and make this Halloween memorable.


Get Crafty with Pumpkin Carvings

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We suggest pumpkin carving for the creative minds and for families having kids. This is an interesting and safe way to celebrate Halloween, which is sure to cheer up everyone. It’s an activity meant for the entire family. Unleash your imagination by carving out impressive designs or simply use stencils. Ask children to use paint for safety reasons. Once completed, place them all over where they will be visible. For example, foyer, dining table, fireplace, etc. Invite guests to participate by bringing their own carved pumpkins and host a contest for the best scariest design. Remember, using different size and color pumpkins and designs, will infuse variety to your party.


Spook Everyone with a Haunted House

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One of many popular activities Americans love to indulge on Halloween is visiting a haunted house. How about creating one in your home? A haunted house makes for a great party theme. Think beyond ordinary to come up with chilling ideas and give your abode the perfect scary look. Begin, by working your way from outside to inside. Be sure on incorporating key decorative elements such as tombstones, cobwebs, skeletons, bats, fog, and eerie lighting. Ask guests to enter through the garage and play scary music and occasional screams in the background to add a dramatic effect. Keep lighting dim, install colored bulbs like red and blue to get a spooky ambience, however, remember to design your party keeping in mind the age groups attending.


Have your own Horror Film Fest

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Many of us are fond of horror movies for the thrill we experience on getting ourselves spooked by the unknown. Interestingly, many of our best cult movies are Halloween themed, for example, Friday the 13. Pick a flick favorite with everyone and use it as a theme. Tim Burton’s movies offer a great deal of choice in regard to decoration and costumes for all ages as well as special events like weddings–Sleepy Hollow, Alice in Wonderland, Corpse Bride, and Dark Shadows are a few examples. Take cues by watching them first; one will find endless possibilities for dressing up your house. Inform guests in advance, so they may come dressed as their favorite character. Make sure to arrange for menu, drinks in line with the chosen theme, and screen the movie and a few other favorites.


Time Travel with an Era-Inspired Party

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For the ambitious and adventurous crowd, an era-inspired theme is perfect. This allows for decorating, either your entire home or each room in styles pertaining to various periods in human civilization, beginning from say the Gothic or Retro. Combining all may not feasible, so select a few. Depending on your choice, fashion each room or space, such as the front porch, foyer, living room, dining room, and yard with accessories and decorative items relevant to the theme. One may also opt for decade style, setting up a tone to the tune of the 60s, 70s and even the future. Lighting, color, decoration, costume, along with food are key factors that play crucial role in creating and having an elaborate-successful era-inspired party.

We hope the above list inspires and helps you start planning your party. Brief friends, family members, and guests in advance, so they are well prepared and game with the chosen theme.  Remember to be creative while planning so to have and exciting and memorable Halloween.


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