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Provide Tropical Touch to Bedrooms

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If you are not free this summer to visit an exotic place to complete the holiday mood, then you can decorate your bedroom with tropical ideas. This will help you to achieve a getaway to outdoors without any change in your schedules. Several tropical themed accessories and items can induce beach and forest treatment to room interiors.

The vast landscape of sprawling green, dark forests and evergreen trees are an appealing sight to everyone. The sand dunes and entertaining beach side along with span of blue sea can get any person in a quirky mood. All these fun filled features belong to tropic regions. Tropics are great bounty of natural resources, nature and animals. Wild insects, animals and creatures are seen roaming freely in such places.

Tropical Bedroom Essentials

To bring tropic effect into bedrooms, you can consider the tips mentioned in this post. You can start with adding a canopy bed in your space. With help of translucent drape to go around the bed, you can achieve a serene look for this area.



  • Wood chests and storage boxes, jute bags and carpets along with wide windowpanes can grant calming look to the home interiors.
  • Deck the floors with pit plants and moss rugs. Paint the walls with subtle shades like cream, brown, sand, ivory or peach.
  • If you want to select bold colors, then red, pink, yellow and gold will be great options.
  • One may even choose lush or wallpapers and decals bearing design of fruits, trees, grass and various natural elements to update bedroom walls.
  • Twig wreaths, basket lamps and coconut shell fiber headboard can be excellent accents.

Accentuating Bedroom with Tropical Effect

Highlight the beauty of nature with fine floral print curtains for the windows. Mixture of ripe shades like turquoise, orange, pink and red can do the trick for the room interiors. Use similarly, good-looking bed linen containing patterns of leaves and thistles on the borders. Whitewashed walls with bold forest stickers are also nice choices to revamp interiors.



  • Eco friendly throw pillows, floral cushions and leaf shaped bed accessories can complete the bedroom.
  • You can even select palm leaf wall decal and matching upholstered furniture to revitalize the nook.
  • You can choose bamboo or cane lanterns or chandeliers to light up these spaces. Beautify the nightstand with the paintings of tropical areas.
  • Bring a natural grass lamp to add uniqueness to the tabletops.
  • Coral frame mirrors and aquatic themed designs can moreover bring in positive appearance in room surroundings.
  • Coconut tree shaped candle holders can also spell tropical magic in homes.

Colorful Tropical Accessories

Inspire room design with tantalizing tropical accessories. To accentuate the interiors, you can purchase several beach and aquatic themed items. Forest creatures and bird shaped objects can also bring the necessary tropic appearance.



  • You can upgrade the tabletop with fantastic bird themed wine holder. Whenever you want a swig of your favorite beverage, you can pick it up from the claws of pretty bird wine holders.
  • Consider tropical carpets as incredible accent for floors. Floral shaped and hay made carpets can be very good.
  • Natural pot plants, climbers, vines and flowers can be utilized to render eco-friendly treatment to room interiors.
  • Mason jars, clay pots, ceramic urns and other storage options are apt for bedrooms. Dry leaf fan and ceiling décor is another idea for beautification.
  • Log wood and plan ceiling design are common in tropical homes.
  • Bamboo pillars and floor beeswax candles along with scented potpourri can grant relaxed ambiance.

Tropical Color Affair

Hint of whites along with bold colors is a feature of tropical home décor. You may choose from the dark to subtle tones, while deciding the right color for walls and accessories. Generally, red, pink, yellow, peach and cream are majorly used in this theme.


  • Green and other floral shades are also present. Hand-painted cabinets with dark varnish and brown paint can look pretty.
  • Use stencil patterns to mark designs n the surface of these cabinets. Create a fruity back splash with mosaic tile fruit painting. These can serve as amazing wall décor items.
  • You can also choose table lamps with filigree and ornamental patterned lampshades.
  • Figurines and sculptures of animals shaded gold; turquoise and blue can be wonderful.
  • Highlight orange, magenta and maroon shades can be seen through floor and wall covers. Window treatments like colorful bamboo blinds and shutters are also eye catchy.

Luxurious Tropical Bedroom Interiors

Bring elegance alive by welcoming accessories that help you to feel relaxed. Soft cushions and throw blankets, dimmed lights and wire or twig chandeliers are ideal for tropic rooms. Similarly, straw lampshades and wall sconces can illuminate the space well.



  • Leaf and forest stickers can remodel a plain room into royal looking enclosure. Deck the walls with colorful paintings and frames that reflect tropical style.
  • Make use of cane and eco-friendly furniture to go with the natural accents in the rooms. Polka dotted linen as bed covers and curtains can grant a striking look to home interiors.
  • Cultivate a small garden indoors to hype the tropical garden look in rooms. You can also utilize wood accents and wind chimes to decorate the ceiling.
  • Anchor, boat, shell, coral and fish shaped accessories can also make a room look stunning.
  • Choose vintage and Victorian inspired items to go with the rustic themed interiors. The outdoor bedrooms can be decorated with stone sculptures and sea grass figurines.

The above-mentioned tips will help you to stylize a bedroom with tropical theme. You can use many such tips suggestions to modify homes of different themes and grant a touch of tropic region inspired design. When it comes to other spaces, you can use similar ideas to update the areas. Please yourself and guests this summer with such magnificent room interiors.

Integrate luxury, comfort, simplicity, design, trend and colors in home interiors with these tips. You may invite modern and traditional patterns along with the tropical ones to create unique looking rooms. So, go forward and bedeck your rooms with these ideas.



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