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Pump Up Your Adrenalin with Car Themed Decor Ideas

Jun 5th, 2013 By

Barely any other man made creation has become the object of everyone’s affection as much as cars have come to be. Over the centuries, both young and grown-up nurture a strong desire for these machines. Pep up your indoors with car themed decor accessories.

The boys love their toys and among their favorite toys, cars top the list.You may be driving your choice of wheels at present or looking forward to owning one or maybe two in the future. Irrespective of your circumstances, you stand an opportunity to highlight your appetite of the automotive world right away! Extend your fascination for cars into your interiors by incorporating car themed home decor accessories. Over here are a few methods to pep up your interior-your man cave with six relevant decor items while playing the practicality card in style.

Wall Decal

A wall is an alternative to a canvas; your imagination sets the limit to your creative boundaries. A car inspired wall decal is among the best options available to tell your friends and neighbors about your choice.You can choose from a number of designs. Deck your wall with the likes of classics, muscle cars, hot rods or sports cars. The choice of your decal will add an element of character in your man cave.

Wall Decal1


 Wall Clock


Add novelty to your wall by putting up a car themed wall clock. There are various types of clocks to meet your whims and fancies. Some have tires donning a dial in between them to old license plates sporting a rustic look. Looking up for time could never be so appealing!

Wall Clock2


 Center Table

Do you have guests coming over your house often? Then there is no denying that you are an entertainer at heart. A center table is an important piece of furniture in a room that often has visitors. Decorate your room with a vintage styled table as seen in the image here.They are an ideal place to rest your drinks. Besides, it will quite prove to be the topic for conversations.

Center Table3



Next on the hot list are sofas or couches.Stun your guests with a car themed sofa. You may probably opt for one as seen in the image here. It is a perfect addition to a bachelor pad. If you are an ardent fan of the classic era, then an AC Cobra 427 inspired sofa is your ultimate choice to go for. Its design will set eyes popping every time someone lays their eyes over it and equally serve its purpose for comfort efficiently. This furniture will stand as the focal point of your room.




A car themed shelf serves two purposes at a time. It proves as an attractive wall art and a storage option as well. These shelves primarily sport bumpers of some of America’s most celebrated cars like the 60s Ford Mustang and many other desirable cars.Each shelf has a tempered glass above; you may utilize the space for displaying your favorite toys. These shelves are made of resin and thereby easy to clean, making them overall practical.



 Coffee Table

Wheels turn, taking you places, making up for many fond memories of your occasional road trips. All to be looking back in the company of your best friends lounged at the coffee table. Underline the spirit of travel with a car themed coffee table. This unique table is made of real BBS RM R15 Alloy wheels. Adorn your room with a car wheel inspired table, let the subtle design flow and inspire your conversations.

Coffee Table6

Drive in into your home machines that make men’s heart skip a beat through their beauty and power, decorate your home interiors with car themed decor accessories.


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