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Pursue Simple and Inexpensive Techniques to clean-up your Natural Rug!!

Feb 16th, 2012 By

Natural Beige Rug

Stains, molds and spots are the common things found on the rug as they serve us with many beneficiates. To get rid of this, you are always in search of bludgeon and harmful chemicals which are actually not the solution which you are actually in need. Below given are some simple tips you can follow so as to relief from this unwanted stains.

There are many ways you’ll find in the market to clean your custom area rugs. But in some way or the other they are unsafe and risky, as they are made from the harmful chemicals they may lead the rugs to shed off quickly.  At the same time they might be dangerous if your kids are around. The best way to deal with this solution is to opt for natural cleaning procedure.

First of all you need to dust off the dirt and soil attached on the surface of the rug by simply using a cloth or vacuum cleaner. You can even shake off the rug nicely if you feel the rug is of manageable size. Roll the cleaner properly on both the sides so the filths don’t flutter all around.  If the rug is heavily murky, vacuum it in the angle of 90 degree as lowers the dirt from all sides. Do not vacuum the loose fringes. For synthetic fibered area rugs it is well to use the beater bar/rotary brush vacuum on the obverse and reverse side of the rug. Check the base of unit and roller brush for outsized dirt’s that may be blocked as they may obstruct airflow and suction of the vacuum cleaner.

When it comes to rinsing part, you can use a soda powder (normally identified as baking soda), they are best known to assist odors, microbes and spots as well. Mix this soda with water and make a semi-solid paste. Apply this on the spotted area are thoroughly rub it with sponge or scrubber. Do not scrub it harder as this may prone and lose their fabric. Allow the rug to dry completely before placing it on the ground. To remove the blood stains, you can even use club soda. This depends on the type of fibered rugs you have. As with all mark and blemishes, begin with water first prior trying to other solvents for blood stain removal. Disparate to this, you can even mix one small cup of baking soda with miscellany oil or cornstarch with 10 to 15 drops of oil fragrance and spray it on the rug. Leave it for some time and then wash it off. For the further use you can even store this solution it in hermetic or airtight jar.

Further, white vinegar is also a better option to purge any kind of soft drinks, blood, mud or sludge stains. White vinegar is actually the combination of acetic acid and water which is said to have strong sterile properties. The acids present in the vinegar dissolve in the water and counteracts alkaline which effectively cleans the stains. This is one of the economical and helpful ways to clean area rugs. White vinegar not only eradicates the tinges but also help in removing the odor. You can add white vinegar to the warm water and dip the rug into this solution. They do not contain any kind of heady scent hence people with asthma or allergic reaction do not need to worry much. Similarly, you can even use lemon juice, soap flakes and Borax to clean your rugs.

Bleaching powder is also another best option for sanitizing the rug. Bleach is a chemical which is generally known as Sodium hypochlorite. Bleaching powders are actually used as sterilizer which makes the rug germ free and hygienic as well. Bleach is available in two types, one is oxygen bleach and the other is Chlorine bleach.  Make use of oxygen bleach as they are much placid, harmless and does not makes the color of the rug to faint. Whereas, oxygen bleach are bit harsh and can even damage the rugs by causing stains.

At the time you rinse the rug with bleach, mix it with the similar amount of warm water and stir it well.  You can even use soft shampoo or detergent in this solution. Sprinkle the solution entirely on the rug or you can even spray on the area affected with spot. After 20-25 minutes wash the rug properly so that all the bleach particles are removed. Once you are done with this allow the rug to dry for some time. Blot the rug with a clean cloth or make use of dryer and let it dry completely.

You can even prepare the cleaning freshener or sterilizer at home by using simple remedies. Make a note on tips of making homemade sterilizer. For this all you need is, 1 teaspoon of cloves, baking soda, cinnamon and one small beaker or cup of dried herbs such as southernwood or rosemary. Make fine mixture by merging all this substances together and then spray it on the rug.

Important things to be kept in mind while cleaning:

  • Do not over shampoo, bleach or machine wash your area rug as this may cause permanent damage to it.
  • Avoid rubbing the rug in the circle as this ma prone the fabric of the rug and may even fain its beautiful color.
  • Make sure the colors of the rug are not running away by testing your rug by moist white cloth.

These are some simple cleaning technique that will help you sustain longevity of your rug.


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