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PVC Pipe Home Accents This Spring

Mar 21st, 2013 By

You can update your home with little stylish accents. PV pipe items can make your space look interesting. You can make many DIY articles out of it. There may be many options to choose from PVC pipe accents for both indoors and home outdoors


You can reuse a PVC pipe to make a table for your home. You may wrap it stiffly so that it remains stable. Give it a nice shape so that it looks stylish. You may give it a figure like a snake. You may then use it for your passageways and also outdoor spaces. Place a tray on top to make it resemble a table top. You can place accessories over here or on the surface.

Flower Vase

You may even recycle PVC pipes into flower vases. You can laminate it with the photograph of people whom you like. You can also draw on them with colors. You can also etch designs on the surface. You can then later get it for outdoor table decoration or also as a centerpiece. You may even use them in your garden shed or also the patio or porch in the home outdoors.

Wine Holder

You may even use PVC pipes as wine holders. Get fat and big ones and cut them out in halves. You can then arrange them on top of each other or just adjust them to resemble good looking holder. You may then install wine bottles in them spaces or the holes. You can also make such wine bottle holder waterfall or fountain in your home interiors and outdoor.

Table Accent

You can even use PVC pipes by decorating with colors and craft papers. You can also get them table accents. You can construct sculptures out of them. You can also make modern figures out of these items. You may even choose to adjust them on the nightstand or other countertops as accents that are contemporary. You can also update home office with these articles.


You can also make a PVC pipe wreath for your home. You can wrap the long pipe to resemble a wreath. You can also cut pieces of big PV pipes and join them together to make a stylish wreath. Decorate it with flowers and other accents. You can hang them from the walls. You may even fix them on a cabinet door or entrance door. You may even choose them for fireplace mantel décor.

Storage Box

You can also make storage space out of the PVC pipes. You may even choose to get canisters and other storage boxes to be made from PVC pipes. You can also install them on your dresser. You may even utilize them for your home regions like ledge and a window sill. You can also utilize them in your bedroom as well as a jewelry box.


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