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Quilling – Make an Exquisite Design Statement

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When contemplating to accentuate the home with art works, a plethora of options is available. However, to the enthusiastic homeowner surplus of choices can make this beautifying project look daunting. Quilling may just be the thing your decor really needs.

Quilling refers to the art of creating intricate designs using paper; also popularly called as Paper Filigree. This craft has long been in existence for hundreds of years. To the novice, this form of art may appear insignificant and one not likely to be implemented for home decorating purpose except for occasional scrapbooking. Lovers of crafts consider otherwise and will confirm to its various uses on home decor items. Here are some reasons why you must give more than a passing glance to this enigmatic craft.


An Introduction to Quilling

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Quilling is an ancient art that dates back to the Renaissance period; people from modest backgrounds originally used it to decorate their religious books and other relevant items. 18th century marked their popularity throughout Europe with women increasingly practicing this art, taking it as a hobby, which later spread across America. Similar to origami, Quilling is a paper craft that involves the techniques of rolling, coiling, twisting, crimping, and shaping paper strips to create intricate designs.


Types and Techniques

They are three popular techniques on Quilling. Based on the result you aim to achieve and the time you will invest, accordingly one can incorporate either of them. Here we will quickly browse through all the three.

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The first consists of having a closed or open coil shaped with the aid of a fine plastic or metal rod, wearing a narrow slit at its end. The tight coil needs to be pushed through the center upwards to add another dimension in the design. This way you can produce shapes such as circles, squares, triangles, and more. Using a bit of glue the end can be secured.

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Moving to the next level involves employing few complex techniques to produce eye-catching designs. For example, by folding paper backwards and forwards using hair picks or a Quilling comb will help you create varied shapes like feather, trees, leaves, etc. A mere fusion of the simple technique with paper folding technique gives room for versatility.

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The third technique is all about handling the art right. Being creative often makes way for fantastic results. So work towards integrating other crafting techniques with quilling. To make things easier, color the paper before cutting them into strips, while for variation, include other kinds of paper types. An effective way to color paper is the use of colored pencils.


Application and Decoration

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In case you have begun to wonder on the application of quilling, be rest assured for they can blend onto numerous things. Within a home decor, in various forms, these beautiful designs from motifs to different thematic patterns can be used to decorate wall arts, picture frames, monograms, mirrors, coasters, magnets, boxes, cards and much more. The possibility is endless on how you can implement quilling throughout their home. Remember, in order to make your quilling a stroke of masterpiece, it is vital to experiment and be creative. For example, by gluing a delicate design containing various colors and patterns on a flat surface, for instance cardboard, will produce art pieces that can be put up as framed wall art.


Perks of Quilling

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Apart from the visible decorative perks, quilling as a craft is good for several other reasons too. To name a few, Paper Filigree is easy to understand and learn in comparison to other crafts. Even mastering the basic technique is sufficient to create artistic designs. Every art form involves cost, unlike other forms this one is wallet friendly. A few paper sheets, a slick tool to quill and glue, and you are good to begin. One may add a circle template board to form uniform sizes. Many have found this art a way to distress. Quilling hobbyist recommend this craft as a creative way to relax and rejuvenate. Interestingly, quilling is increasingly been employed as an art therapy.

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Whether into crafts or not, the practice of this simple and inexpensive craft can be very fulfilling. Moreover, incorporating one’s own creations to complete or compliment a desired look on decorating your home interiors adds a personal touch besides making for an elegant style statement. For starters, work your way with designs that echoes the season of fall.


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