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Quirky Designs Add Fun to your Decor

May 31st, 2013 By

Do you get attracted to flamboyant, loud and fun prints to decorate your bedroom? Would you like to add a little bit of zest to the way your house looks right now? Are you adventurous enough to be a cut above the mundane? Then this style of interior designing is your savior.

Quirky Pop Diaries

We all play pretty safe when it comes to setting up our homes. We all go in for those serene and silent colors that play our cowardice in the background. It is time to get out of those safe walls and make a choice, colorful and chirpy. This is what quirky is all about. It is about being different and about all that fun.


We add lights so that we can read. But it is not about basic living anymore. It is about how we recreate the originals and mold them best of our innovative ideas. These lightings are odd and that is why are exceptionally attractive. These inverted frames and simple bulbs make you realize how abstract and arty décor can add a pinch of excitement to any room they are suspended into.




These funky and bright up cycled Vintage frames are quirky and creative for that shelve right above the fireplace. These frames will be adored and draw attention even if you do not have photos placed into them. They are so vibrantly colorful that any boring room can be transformed into a place of entertainment in a matter if few minutes.




Do you reckon that the home you live in should honestly and transparently reflect your personality? And are you someone who is funny, cocky and bubbly? Then these printed beauties are something you should totally adorn. Today, home decor is considered extremely crucial. Make your living room come alive by adding beautiful, polka dotted and otherwise extraordinary paints, furniture, accessories and flooring.




A strange and eccentric looking maiden who can pass off as the modern Mona Lisa placed against this bright and intricate wallpaper can be adorned on any one of the walls of your living space. It gives that specific room a renaissance touch and brings the floral and curvy attitude to life.




Rickshaws are the lifelines of several third world countries including India. India has a vast list of options to choose from when it comes to quirky designs and prints that will make you chuckle and give your house that hint of randomness that it needs. This beautiful and funny printed cushion embraces the idea of amusement and yet is attractive.



Outside Walls

Polka dots are my source of happiness. The painting on these outside walls makes sure that anyone who looks at them would realise that the people who live inside are happy and joyous. This is a brave but rather interesting adds on to your home decor.

Outside Walls6

Add your quirkiness and creativity to your contemporary modern homes. And bring all those crazy colorful antics to life.


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