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Rain Shower Heads – Adding Style and Value to Your Bathroom

Aug 24th, 2013 By

Not many realize the harm traditional showerheads pose, and are equally unaware of the benefits rain showers provide to skincare and bathroom decor. Gone are the days when showerheads served a utilitarian purpose. The modern home is all about an aesthetic combination of form, function and style.

Water contains various natural minerals known to have restorative and detoxifying properties that promote good health. Hydropathy, a popular therapy involving the use of water provides therapeutic treatment using water in a controlled and synchronized form with the aid of showerheads. Consequently, traditional nozzle shoots high-pressure water, which lead to a painful bathing experience. To feel the difference, switch to rain showers. Here are a few reasons why you must update to a rain or downpour showerhead in your bathroom.


 Rain Style Shower head – Practical and Best

A rain or downpour shower is generally a top or ceiling mounted shower. Its function-water flows over the head in a natural rain like pattern. The position in which a rain showerhead needs to be installed adds certain benefits, it becomes a lot much easier to wash and rinse oneself. In a traditional type, such as a wall-mounted shower, you constantly need to adjust your body in order to be thoroughly soap free. Hand held heads are nonetheless cumbersome; they easily tire out arms, since they require to be held upright for use. A rain shower gives you both freedom and flexibility, so to make your bathing time more enjoyable.

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Get Soaked and Refresh Yourself

Until recent times, many assumed an effective way to clean ourselves is to use high jets of water. Apparently, that technique is not suitable for our skin. Rain style showerhead is the way to go for instead. Remember, it is not water pressure but the act of soaking that effectively cleans and nourishes our skin and scalp. The special head powered by high-pressure air and water backed with custom settings helps release a spray of lots of fine water droplets. In turn, the rain like stream gently stimulates parts of the body, evoking a calm and soothing effect. For a gentle massage, the user can regulate the water flow. A downpour nozzle is an ideal choice to experience the natural and rejuvenating feeling of rain indoors, within the comfort of your home.

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 Smart and Energy Efficient

In comparison to regular nozzles, a rain shower requires less water, which makes them efficient. Traditional power showerheads are designed to shoot out rather than disperse water gently; enforcing a great deal of water each time, you turn it on. Surprisingly, this technique of flow can mean a big difference in your utility bills. For enthusiasts, the former comes with built in water flow mechanisms that enables users to customize the amount and flow of water. One will find settings such as mist, cascading waterfall, drizzle, etc. for a relaxing bathing experience. Furthermore, their smart features make them effective, in that your shower time need not be lengthy, thereby, saving on money and time as well.

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 A Stylish Fashion Accessory

A prime reason for rain showerheads to be so popular is their elegant and stylish looks. These heads are the perfect complement to a modern bathroom, for they present an impeccable combination of style and function. Their contemporary designs and subtle form contributes to their appeal, which no less exudes a touch of luxury. One does not require to renovate a bathroom nor spend a fortune to get a new look. An addition of it will do the needful. Most of the heads come in chrome and steel finish, but ones more inclined towards style, you may pick these in either brushed nickel or oiled bronze. However, the choice will depend on the look you intend to give your bathroom and number of users. Rest assured a good rain showerhead tastefully elevates the bathroom’s ambiance.

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With a variety of finish, style and function incorporated together, rain heads are efficient and flexible for daily use. Extend your home decor’s style statement to your bathrooms too, by installing rain style showerheads.


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