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Rainbow details for your Home Decor

Jun 17th, 2013 By

Some people love the poppy and vibrant touch of colorful items all around their house. They celebrate color with the tiniest detail and this in return inspires their bubbly and bright nature. Why limit your palette when you have a rainbow to choose from!

Rainbows apologize for angry Skies

You have had a hard day at work? Transform your foul mood into sheer chirpiness when you enter your home which has a rainbow feel to it. Believe it or not, there are several options you could do yourself to create this stylish array of hues as a part of your living zone.

Clothes Peg

Who would’ve thought something as boring as a clothes pin could be brought to life, by simply using them with these excellent shades of the rainbow! Welcome a tasteful bevy of hues with such tiny effortless mischief. If your clutter is not under control, it would be really difficult to let this theme stand out. Place these cute and pretty pegs on your clothes rack indoors or on the wired laundry rack outside, every time you stack it up or remove it down, be surprised with that smile working wonders for you.

1 Clothes Peg

 Prayer Flags

Tibetan prayer flags are not intended to fall into my rainbow list, but their subtle and pure meaning is so attractive, I chose to fit them in either way. Beautiful prayers and subtle meanings, this form of home decor can be hung indoors or outdoors. They look gorgeous just by the way they are, but what is essentially noteworthy is their finer spiritual understanding. These are used to promote compassion, peace, strength and wisdom. They basically blow the meaning into the air and create a pure environment in your house.

2 Prayer

Dream Catcher

This excellent decor is feathery, colorful and creative in every way possible. Native American elements and their heritage are carried forward with this subtle rustic relic. A great way to dress up a wall or your window curtain rods is by adding this classic southwestern flavor to your house, cabin or office. This wonderful piece will only add music that can’t be heard, but only be felt.

3 Dream Catcher

Book Shelf

Are you an ardent reader and have heaps of books waiting to be sorted in a certain fashion? Why not opt for placement of books that gives you a rainbow effect! Place your favorite white sofa right in front of this arrangement and make your reading experience a colorful one.

4 Book Shelf


If you have neutral shades in your living room, why not pop your spirits with this lovely cushion. Rainbow colored cushions could be an excellent addition to your kid’s room. They would go to bed without blinking their eyes twice.

5 Cushion

Wooden Spoons

Is your kitchen getting to be a little boring? Add these shining spoons to make your favorite delicacy. It is not really rainbow shades but a more light hearted approach to painting. Manifest this magic in your free time but make sure you add an edge like this to your domestic area.

6 Wooden Spoons


Every time you stare at the wall clock, you will be reminded of the colorful times you are going through. This lovely adornment on your wall will help you add a splash of color in your boring room.

7 Clock

Rainbow shades in the house space invigorates happiness and joy as soon as you step in. It is not essential to buy such colors while purchasing your decor, you can recreate this theme in your free time.


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