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Reading Habit: Cute and Creative Reading Bookmarks for Kids

Dec 2nd, 2012 By

Stories and tales are to amuse children. Right from their childhood, be it pomes or fancy myths, all are through some kind of visual medium of books. Bookmarks are one of the interesting accessories that you can gift your children. They can keep a track of the page that they read with help of this. You can choose some pretty creative reading bookmarks for your kids

Craft Reading Bookmarks

This accessory is perfect for your kid’s book. They look adorable. You may choose different crafted paper objects as well for marking the page of any novel. You can even go for the colorful ones. You may even get cartoon image craft paper figures for similar purpose.

Vintage Decorative Reading Bookmarks

You may use old metal sticks or pieces of other decorative items to make reading bookmark. You can embellish them with glitter and other elements to make them look attractive. This is a fine gift option for Christmas. Your child will surely love this token from you.

DIY Reading Bookmarks

You can also go for self made reading bookmarks. You may craft few by your own self. You can also get some from gift stores. You may use fabric or old toys to make such items for your kids. You can also purchase some from thrift stores. You can also utilize this as winter home decoration for your books.

Pet Reading Bookmarks

These cute pet themed reading bookmarks are also nice. Children generally like to keep pets and are close to animals. You can opt for image print of your pet on a paper piece. You may them remodel the craft piece into page marker for your kid’s book.

Fashionable Reading Bookmarks

You can even go for trendy reading bookmarks for this winter. Gift this to your teenage kids. They will surely like lovely quotes and images printed over them. You can even purchase a set of smart looking page markers and use it as token for other members in family too.

Pin Up Reading Bookmarks

You can even use pin ups as bookmarks. You simply need to renovate the pins a bit. You can utilize craft and colorful papers to make an art object. Stick it on top of the pin and there you go. Otherwise, you can purchase similar kind of page markers for your children’s novels that are available at retail stores.

Painted Reading Bookmarks

You can even use painted reading bookmarks for your children’s books. You may simply make few all by yourself. You can draw or sketch some good looking figures or scenery on paper or cardboard pieces for this purpose. You can even buy similar kind of page markers from online retail stores.

Quote Reading Bookmarks

This is one of the popular ideas for reading bookmarks. It is nice to shut a book with an open thought or a funny idiom staring at you out of a piece of paper. It will look much better with some decorative art or images imprinted on them.


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