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Recycled Metal Light Fixtures for your Home

Jul 5th, 2013 By

Metal has umpteen uses. Its time for your spoons, cheese graters and tins that found their abode in the recycle bin, to come out of their closet and make most use of their creative existence.

Light up that Metal

The unique thing about metal is that it can be used and repurposed so innovatively, that making lanterns and lamps out of scrap is easy. Here are a few ideas that will make you revamp your lighting.


Did you have beans on toast this morning? Go ahead and clean the reminiscence of those cans in order to use them again. This lovely style of making the most out of used material will give you a sense of social attribution towards the environment. Simply tie them in varied lengths and set a bulb in the center. The job is so simple that this chandelier is ready in minutes.




Take all your old keys to a garage and get them fixed in this fashion for a unique table lamp. This makes a lovely lamp and provides you the opportunity to give back to mother earth in the most basic way. This design is bound to generate a beautiful piece of decor in your study area.



Kettle and Iron

Did you manage to spot a metal kettle at the recent garage sale in your neighborhood? Even if you do not use it to heat your water, use it as this stylish and sassy lamp. Is your iron giving up on your? Do not let it go waste, transform it into a lamp and illuminate your energy and atmosphere.

Kettle and Iron3



Wow! This is the ‘wow’ factor in your kitchen or front porch area. What a quirky and ultra-modern way to bring in some fantastic ideas to adorn your ceiling lights! Place them comfortably on a ladder you do not use anymore and decorate it with those extra weeds you gave up on while gardening last weekend.




While moving from your old apartment, did you manage to make sense of those faucets you were leaving behind? Well, this idea might ring a bell, this eclectic and enthusiastic robot looking lamps made from metal pipes and faucets look cute and charming.



Industrial Scrap

Knives, wires, nuts, bolts and many other forms of metal have come together to create this masterpiece. It is a gorgeous way to keep you abreast with the out-of-the-box design ideas that are doing their runs in art exhibitions around the world.

Industrial Scrap6


Jazz Bugle

Your old drum set, your guitar strings and that jazz bugle that your great grandfather kept for years to come can be used now with this fantastic idea of a light fixture. Easily placed in your living area or bedrooms, this fascinating piece brings vintage and retro rustic style along with it.

Jazz Bugle7

Ideas are all over your atmosphere. From needles to safety pins, to spoons and knives, it is easy to bring in all these elements together to be able to create a fixture that illuminates your world.



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