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Recycling Glass Jars into Home Decor Accessories

Jun 4th, 2013 By

How does one make their home decor stand out, give it a pleasing look without spending almost no money, while marching along the go green campaign? Recycling is the way to go! Glass Jars are available in ample, utilize them to beautify your home.

Glass jars are widely used in every household. Many of our food products like mayonnaise, pickles and the likes come packed in them. They are hard to miss, their easy availability and utility nature makes for a good choice as an alternative for home decor accessories.

You will readily accept that most of us after consuming the goods inside tend to send them to recycle. However, you may use certain other effective ways without the need of breaking them to incorporate them into your home as decorative items with aid of creativity and a bit of imagination.


Glass jars provide ample of opportunities for their use as home decor accessories. They are available in various shapes, sizes and colors that make them apt to be utilized as a defining prop. If you are in the habit of buying different shapes of glass jars, whether plain or colored through garage sales in order to use for your interiors. Then you need to be ready to prepare them before their designated use.



Petite Beauty

Before you begin using a jar, get rid of the entire label. An easy way on removing labels is by placing it in a boiling pot of water. This helps to remove all the labels. If you find traces of adhesives, then remove them using an adhesive remover or simply grease over it. It will come off.

Petite Beauty2


A Jar of Memories

After you remove the labels, you are free to design the glass jars the way you like. For instance wrap it with colored paper or as seen in the image, you can put your cherished photographs into them. Another option is to paint or etch on the glass or rather place glitters on the jar’s surface.

Jar of Memories3


Subtle and Dainty

Be innovative; use your imagination to the full. Beautify your interiors by making a thorough use of your creativity on these jars. There are multiple ways in which to decorate them; you may give them a theme, customize them by giving a unique look otherwise to suit your overall home decor. A thumb rule here is to use them to their full measure.

Subtle and Dainty4


Enchant the Ambiance

With them, you possess the flexibility of decorating each room in a way that will don an individual look. If not you may extensively use one theme throughout the house. The possibilities are endless. Remember they are numerous ways of decorating a house, whether indoors or outdoors with the use of glass.

Enchant the Ambiance5



To recycle is one of the primary ways to show your concern for nature and a best bet way to contribute towards a better clean future. So recycling glass jars and container is necessary. Nevertheless, it need not be that you have to discard them into a recycling bin. An effective way to recycle these jars is to turn them into useful items such as decor accessories.


Remember a beautifully decorated container or glass jar stands a good chance of becoming a beautiful vase too with the right approach to recycling. Enliven your home with the use of recycled glass jars.


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