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Reflect Grandeur Indoors With Use of Oriental Rugs

Jun 11th, 2013 By

An oriental rug is timeless in nature. Its exquisite designs and splendid colors add exceptional charm and a pleasing feel to a home’s interior. Customize each room of your house by integrating different elements of style that personify elegance and beauty in each stitch.

When it comes to the subject of adding a touch of splendor to your home decor, one can completely count on oriental rugs. These rugs splendidly capture the spirit of the orient. They are characterized by authenticity and intricate patterns, along with a subtle and exotic color palette. Add in a touch of the orient to your indoors with use of oriental rugs. Experience a bygone era’s glory.


When opting for a retro theme decor, use of wood-wooden furniture in large amount is obvious. Do justice to your interiors by adding an oriental rug. Not only will it complement the furniture carefully chosen by you. It will also grace your room with an overall stunning vista. Make sure to select a dark color tone with large prints that match the furniture color but as well as give your room a distinguished appearance.

Green and Ivory Oriental rug1



Living in a large house grants you several opportunities to experiment as well as fully optimize your interior space. Man has always had a strong desire for personal space. Irrespective if you live in a large house or small, you can amplify your living room by adding an oriental rug. Match up your floor with large pattern designs and bright colored rugs such as seen in the image here.

Beige Oriental rug2



Many looking to highlight finesse within their home decor will do well by placing an oriental rug in their room. Most of these rugs sport rich texture with a clean glow to it, making or a good contrast for wooden floors. In addition, to their warm and bold colors, their intricate floral designs give them a rich look. With bright colors at the center and dark tone borders, these rugs virtually bind a room together. Adding a rug at the center of your living room with appropriate placement of furniture around will give your room an enhanced look.

Oriental Gold rug3



To the man of simple taste, an oriental rug can be a prized position. These floor covers despite their rich and exotic heritage, which reflects through their patterns and designs can very well blend with contemporary looking interiors. They are versatile in the fact that they complement a room’s appeal. Match the rug’s colors with that of your couch and see it virtually blend and create a clean design flow throughout the room.

Oriental Gold rug4



An oriental rug is never limited to living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms or guest rooms only. Rather they are suitable for use in a sun porch as well. Their floral based designs beautifully complement the outdoors. These rugs are hand tufted and this in turn contributes to its strength. This translates into durability and efficiency. These rugs can be placed in areas that receive high traffic. Moreover, they can be matched with various types of flooring.

Red and Beige Oriental rug5

Redefine your interiors with exception and luster by introducing oriental rugs in your home decor.


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