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Refresh Your Decor with the Latest Patterned Rugs

Jul 1st, 2013 By

Have you become bored of your home interiors due to their wearing a conventional look? Are you seeking something stimulating? If your answer is yes, then it is time for a change. Patterns are the way to go to have a lively looking interior. This season choose patterned rugs.

Explore the world of patterns; they are the right means for decorating homes. These are a mix of decorative motifs in unique styles. When incorporated and paired right, they make up for some stunning looking interiors. One fine way is to use them through area rugs. Replace your existing rugs with new ones. Opt for carpets with creative and intriguing designs. Give your rooms a fresh style statement by bringing home the latest patterned floor covers.

Take cues from some of the finest collections available in various fabrics, which you can lay your hands on this summer.

Transitional sand grey rug 1


Give your dull and bland looking room, such as the bedroom a chic and trendy look. Floral patterns are apt for uplifting a room’s mood. Their subtle yet large distinguishing floral motifs backed by complementing bold colors make for a unique home decor accessory. Reinvent your personal space and highlight your passion.

Floral Brown rug 2


Traditional carpets are back in vogue and so are their designs. Inspired from a bygone era, these floor covers in their authentic hand tufted style are suitable to be placed in a living room or sun porch. Their soft texture combined with beautiful intricate motifs and warm colors please the eyes and are a delight to sit or walk on. Team them with your traditional or vintage furniture to achieve a smart look.

Traditional orange grey rug 3


Transit energy across your home; add transitional rugs to a contemporary styled home decor. These carpets are versatile due to their eye-catching miniature and geometrical prints. Moreover, they refreshing patterns make them suitable for use around the house, on different floorings. You may keep one in the entryway as a runner or the living room or even in the guest room. Additionally, these rugs help to create a pattern of harmony with furniture in and around it. Place a centerpiece table over it to see a fusion effect.

Transitional gold rug 4


Nowadays, many homes don contemporary styled theme indoors. Contemporary rugs are your best option with regard to achieving stylish interiors. Their combination of intricate designs and varying colors are eye catching. Mix and match their designs with various rooms in your home. A zigzag chip pattern as seen in the image seamlessly gels with a wooden themed kitchen with wooden floors.

Contemporary sand brown rug 5


The patterns of an oriental rug command respect and reflect a character of maturity. They are perfect for a study or library. Impress your guests with one in the guest room. Give your room a distinguishing appeal with the inclusion a contemporary carpet. Pair them with few contemporary decorative items to enhance the overall appeal within.

Oriental Sand Grey rug 6


Unlike earlier times, eco-friendly floor covers now sport bright and snazzy designs. You will find them in a combination of numerous abstract patterns and mix-matched color schemes. This summer go green with the use of eco-friendly rugs.

Eco friendly sand white rug 7

So go ahead and renew the look of your interiors by including some smart and bold patterned rugs. Add a fresh and stylish touch to your home; give it a fashion statement of its own through the use of new rugs.


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