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Rekindle the Native Spirit with Southwestern Rugs

May 29th, 2013 By

What strikes your mind on the mention of the word Navajo? It certainly will be the apaches, natives of the southwestern region. They were and continue to be popular for skilled weavers, silversmiths and potters. Journey back to the west; add its essence into your home decor through southwestern rugs.

If the need to add a rustic feel within your interiors is on your list, a southwestern rug is your definite choice. This type of rug well encompasses both the spirit and characteristics of the west. A southwestern rug can be the best addition, especially if you have a Native American styled home decor.

True to its Origins

Southwestern rugs are beautiful and have a rustic appeal to them. This feature in itself enhances the appearance of a room by a great degree. They are among the most popular rugs chosen by many. Their designs are complex in nature but still sport a relaxed and cozy feel. This is likely because of the use of earthy color tones. These rugs stand testimony to the Native American culture in their make and designs.

Red Southwestern rug1


A Versatile Contender

Most of the southwestern rugs incorporate modern tones, patterns, symbols and designs popular with the existing tribes in the country. You may place these rugs in almost every room due to their versatility. They are a good piece of accessory that you can pair with furniture, especially traditional as well as other home decor accessories too to achieve a homely feel. In addition, they gel well along with contemporary settings too.

Gold Southwestern rug2


Rustic Appeal

A southwestern rug’s serene neutral earthly color tones can effectively complement any home decor theme. Such are its characteristics that it will blend in harmoniously. If you are an ardent fan of western themes, country looks and rustic styling, then this type of rug befits your interiors. This rug exudes exclusiveness with a touch of cultural heritage to it.

Multicolor Southwetsern rug3


Uniting Forces

Ambiance plays an important role in every home decor. A southwestern rug is your best companion to get it right. This rug assists in creating a very pleasing ambiance through a wide range of relaxed designs and tones. Moreover, they seamlessly blend the different elements of a room, giving way to a unified appearance. This rug can serve well in a room that has broad range of colors, furnishings, and other decor accessories, uniting them together for spending look.

red Beige Southwestern rug4


For every Palate

Southwestern rugs are available in a number of varieties for the choosiest buyer. You can pick from several choices, such as Native American designs, contemporary and animal prints. Each of these types carries a strong influence to their origins with regard to color scheme. Apart from that, the contemporary styled rugs carry modern patterns to them, with a mix of earthy tones. In addition, images of wildlife that exist in the southwestern region along with scenes of deserts and likes tastefully don these rugs.

Gold Southwestern rug5

When looking to add a rustic appeal to your interiors and uniting variety within a room, all in the spirit of harmony, opt for southwestern rugs as your prime home decor accessory.


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