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Resonate Nature Indoors through Eco Friendly Rugs

May 30th, 2013 By

Is going eco-friendly on your mind? However, are you clueless on determining the best way to incorporate the means that best highlights the go green spirit? The answer to both those questions is eco-friendly rugs.

Today many homeowners are showing sincere interest in following the go green campaign through various ways. If you are new to this idea and anxious on making eco-friendly changes, but having second thoughts that you may end up with interiors that look dull and boring. Think again! Eco-friendly rugs are your best bet here. Introduce these rugs into your home decor and see your rooms come to life with their natural colorful tones and textures.

Create Atmosphere

An eco-friendly rug contributes certain element of nature to each room, right from a living room, hallway, bedroom or even the gym. Light, soft tones are best examples. They not only appear cozy but also give a relaxing feel to the atmosphere of a room. Nature inspired patterns such as the one in the image shown here well reflects that fact.

Camel brown eco friendly rug1


Induce Colors

Colors are essential in nature. Likewise, they are vital for your home since they help build the mood. Eco-friendly rugs come in various color tones that are able to blend with different forms of furnishings. Their subtle and earthy tones accentuate a room’s overall visual appeal, underlining the chosen theme of your home decor.

Gold eco friendly rug2


Add Flair

Eco-friendly rugs are usually made of natural fibers. As it would go, they have their area of use as well. To begin, most rugs materials originate from plant fibers, which as you may be aware soak water easily. Therefore, such rugs are best suitable for less traffic areas, which in turn will help maintain their patterns and texture for a long time. Furniture assists in creating a visual effect too, with rugs being the final addition to the overall decor select and place wisely. In all this will add certain flair to your room.

Brown eco friendly rug3


Exchange Compliments

To achieve pleasing results it is necessary first to assess the area you intend to use. Ask yourself, what purpose will your room serve? Is to be an area involving high traffic? Irrespective, of the purpose your room may serve, such questions need consideration while shopping for a rug. Make a note, a rich and comfortable rug will do well in front of a fireplace. As for an area that will attract high traffic, durable rugs are your best choice.

lime green eco friendly rug4


Impersonate Nature

Going eco-friendly need not mean your choice is tasteless. Remember, eco-friendly rugs are available in wide variety of styles, patterns, shapes, colors and sizes as well. There is one for each room. These rugs come with nature-inspired designs and colors that brighten up a room while adding warmth and a fresh feel into them. Adding a rug in harmony to the selected theme of your interiors will help enhance your home decor.

Cream and sand colored rug5

Opt from various patterns available, right from traditional to contemporary style. Adorn your rooms with either a classic or a clean slick design to achieve a modernized look by adding eco-friendly rugs to your home decor.


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