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Reuse Old Sweaters to Make Attractive Crafts

Apr 17th, 2013 By

There are several ways to decorate your homes and add grace to it. You may even reuse old clothes to make attractive crafts. Here we have listed a few attractive sweater recycled home décor crafts that can beautify your home stylishly. It will also help you make the best use of your old sweaters and woolen wares.

Impressive Sweater Wreath

Here is a colorful wreath made by binding old sweaters. These look truly colorful. You may hang the wreath made from these sweaters on your main door. It can create a welcome appeal on your main door.

Colorful Sweater Garland

You can even use old sweaters to make attractive garlands. The image shows a clear example. You may use these garlands to decorate your homes for parties and other such occasions.

Creative Sweater Coasters

You can even use old sweaters to make impressive coffee table decorations. Here is the image of a coffee table decorated with attractive sweater coasters. These are creative ways to reuse old sweaters.

Attractive Sweater Pillow Covers

Check out the image. It shows a woolen pillow cover. The pillow cover is cool colored. It can be a part of your modern bedroom decorations. It is a great way to make the best use of old sweaters.

Modern Sweater Lamp Shade

Lamps help to illuminate. They also add beauty to your apartment décor. Here is a lampshade sewn from old sweaters. It is cute. It can be a modern decoration to traditional living rooms.

Recycled Sweater Showpieces

You must never consider sweaters to be a waste rag once it wears away. There are several ways in which you may put it to constructive use. Here are some really cute soft toy showpieces made from old sweaters.

Romantic Sweater Wall Hanging

Do you want a romantic wall decoration for your bedroom? Pick up your old pink and red sweaters. Sew them to make impressive heart wall hangings. These are truly eye-catchy.

Multicolored Planter Cover

You can even use old sweaters to make cute looking multicolored planter covers. These are colorful and best for indoor planters.

These are just a few ways to reuse old sweaters. You can even try out other ways to reuse old sweaters. There are several benefits of using old sweaters to decorate homes. Firstly, you are making the best use of the woolen fabric. Secondly, you are giving a vent to your creativity skills. You can come up with any innovative suggestions and ideas.


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