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Round or Rectangular – Choosing the Right Shape Rug

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There are several benefits of using area rugs within our home. On one hand, they provide utilitarian value, and the other; serve as instrument to spruce up floorings, in turn beautifying interiors. However, to define and elevate the decor right, it is of great importance to place an appropriate shape floor cover.

The rectangular form has and continues to be the most sought after style when people shop for carpets. Nonetheless, it is not the only cut available. One needs to understand their home–the interiors. Each room differs from others in terms of design and function. Merely placing any floor fabric does not translate to better looking interiors. On the contrary, a wrong shape can mar your decor’s look. Here are a few ideas to help you pick the right one for your home.


Round or Rectangular – The Real Deal

Contemporary Round brown rugs 1Contemporary Brown rugs 2

Before heading to shop for floor fabrics, be sure to consider certain essential aspects about them apart from type, color, pattern, and size so to avoid having a design disaster. Among several forms found, round and rectangular shapes are the favored ones, the latter being preferred by many. Apparently, both have equal advantages and limitations. For example, rectangular shape rugs are meant for large and formal areas, while round is designed for casual, small and odd shaped spaces. Your choice of cut can either make or break the look of a room, so choose carefully.


 Choose a Shape – Factors that Influence

Transitional grey rugs 3 Transitional Lima Grey rugs 4

In a house, every living space differs in size and shape–most are rectangular, square, and then there are some oddly proportioned angles too. Largely, your choice is subject to the rooms you look forward on decorating. In addition, any purposed functionality, such as the extent you want to cover floors or reflect a theme, and any furnishings you desire to highlight are some of the other deciding factors, which will determine on your choosing either a round or rectangular carpet. Remember, an area rug is an accessory that can unite various facets of a room’s decor. For example, a round floor covering compliments a round dining table.


Area of Use – Make Every Room Unique

Floral brown round rugs 5floral beige rugs 6

As mentioned earlier, both forms are here to cater different interior designs. If you need to unify a space, and to add a unique but fancy appeal, opt for round floor fabrics. To define a large area like a living room, place a rectangular carpet. Round rugs are excellent to pep up spaces and compliment areas like bathrooms, entrance foyer, mudrooms, and even kids’ room. They provide flexibility in that one can easily reposition them. For living room, bedroom, kitchen, and hallways choose rectangular ones, preferably select a floor cover with borders, this feature will accentuate your room.


Create Visual Interest

Shag white and black round rugs 7shag blue rugs 8

Each shape when placed or positioned right creates a natural visual interest. Several designers recommend incorporating circular shapes in living spaces, which are small so to make them look roomier. Likewise, they are perfect to be used as an accent in a study. Be sure to pick ones, which have bold patterns and subtle tone. A rectangular runner with either large patterns or bright color placed in the hallway or even a bathroom brightens and binds the decor elegantly.

Though there are several other shapes available too, their variety is limited. Make sure to first measure the dimensions of a space you want to cover. Consider furniture placement and expected traffic. These factors will contribute in getting your interior design right. Incorporate both shapes in order to give your room a diverse look.


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