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Round Rugs To Add Beauty To Contemporary Décor

Mar 31st, 2013 By

Rugs add beauty to the room where the rug is placed. The rugs may be available in many different shapes, colors and forms. You must choose the shape as per the design of the room. When you have round sofa sets, a round area rug at the center would look truly impressive. Here are a few examples of round area rugs for modern living rooms.

Multicolored Modern Rug

The rug used to cover the floors of modern living rooms is a multicolored area rug. The pattern is a stylish modern pattern. The rug will perfectly match modern living rooms. The sofa set is a round sofa set and thus the round rug is a perfect choice.

contemporary red rug4

Modern Grey Area Rug

Grey rugs perfectly match the grey walls shown in the room. The sofa set is a plain ivory sofa set. The round grey rug is a perfect pick for this plain looking room. The design on the rug is also simple and elegant.

Brown Colored Shag Rug

Here is a very royal looking sofa set. The sofa set is brown colored and has a modern pattern on its surface. The sofa set is round shaped and a round area rug will match perfectly. Here is a beautiful brown round shag rug to match this brown sofa set.

Attractive Modern Multicolored Rug

The ivory round living room is surely a class apart. The cushions on this sofa set are of different colors. You may opt for a multicolored area rug for this ivory living room. The rug is a round shaped rug. You can place the area rug at the center of the sofa set. The background of the rug is ivory while the pattern is made from red and gold lines. The rug is very attractive. It is made for contemporary home interiors.

Grey Modern Area Rug

The rug used in this modern living room is also a modern rug. The pattern is made from grey and white shades. The pattern resembles modified floral patterns. The grey rug will add beauty to the modern grey sofa set.


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