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Rub Colors in Homes with Crepe Paper Crafts

Aug 30th, 2013 By

How can you invite different colors in home other than painting options? It is time to get craft by experimenting with varied shaded crepe paper and weave these into art forms. Below are some joyful examples of crafts that you would want to try out this season. So, sit back and take a plunge in the galore of colorful play of handmade crepe paper crafts

As A kid, I always loved to involve myself in making weird craft objects. Crepe paper was my favorite in materials for different DIY projects. Therefore, here are some of the popular choices that I would like to share with you all.


Lanterns Crepe Paper Crafts  1Summer is ending soon. It would be great to invite seasonal tones in rooms with lanterns. Hang crepe paper lanterns in dining or breakfast nook. More than just illumination, colorful combination of such lighting source can rejuvenate the look of the surroundings. Make use of soft as well as natural shades to grant an exotic appearance to the area. Provide a texture to the patterns for added beauty.



Basket Crepe Paper Crafts 2Another way to welcome bold shades in homes is to make solid colored crepe paper baskets. These can be utilized during thanksgiving and other such entertaining occasions. One can even utilize this for storage and decoration purpose. Re-purpose it as book, flower, candle and accessory holder. You can even revamp it as a gift basket or rather beautify bedroom nightstand and cabinet tops with these items.



Potpourri Crepe Paper Crafts 3DIY tricks and crafts can produce exceptional potpourri ingredients. You can utilize scented crepe paper to create artificial flowers and make them as an element in natural potpourri. Such accents can decorate coffee tables. Get these for the oncoming autumn season, as many festivities are going to emerge soon. Start designing some awesome potpourri ingredients with these materials.



Wreath Crepe Paper Crafts 4Choose some colorful crepe papers and cut out desired patterns on them. Combine these to create wonderful wreaths to beautify walls and surfaces. These can standout on entrance doors and fireplace mantel spaces. Such accessories can also add leisure to guest areas and outdoors. Consider wrapping these wreaths on balustrades, staircase railings, fences and even gates. You can hang these from ceilings as well.


Table Napkin

Table napkin Crepe Paper Crafts 5Deliver a power pack to dining room with crepe paper scraps. Recycle these into table napkins. Perhaps you can construct napkin rings out of crepe paper of varied shades to make the accent look much more charming. Match the shades of cutleries and napkins on par so that these go well together. When guests come over, you may just have a pleasant surprise for them on the way.



Pumpkin Crepe Paper Crafts 6As Halloween season is coming up, you can begin preparing crafts for it already or at least look into the options available. Making crepe paper pumpkins can be an entertaining task, specially creating such lanterns for the floors and pathways in outdoors. Scare everyone with floating crepe paper lanterns, which are pumpkin shaped.  Otherwise, utilize these to render a creepy effect near the fireplace.


Decorative Flags

Decorative flags Crepe Paper Crafts 7Colorful crepe paper flags can be used to decorate many accents in home. Be it the garden pots, benches, chairs, furniture and dining table cupcakes, these flags are a delightful accessory to make a room look enjoyable. Rows of shaded flags can induce many colors in room interiors as well as outdoors. Affix these to walls and cabinet doors to bring home splendid mix of variant tones. Sensationalize your porch and garden with such cheerful flags.


Candle holders

Candle holders Crepe Paper Crafts 8Light up nooks of home outdoors with floor candleholders wrapped in colorful crepe papers. You may even construct individual crepe paper candleholders for room interiors. Paint these over and embed few patterns, sketch out stencil designs on their surface to make these look pretty. Brighten your home in the evening with such inspiring accents. For a flower shaped candle, you can cut out the paper in shape of your favorite flower and thereon.


Gift Tags

Gift tags Crepe Paper Crafts 9Prepare tokens for guests and friends with creativity. This is possible by making gift tags with frilled crepe paper edges. This idea will add grace to mementos and people will surely love them. You may add a note or words of thanks printed on the surface of the crepe paper to make the token look much more meaningful. Use these to decorate walls as paper garlands for a change, if not gifts.


Holiday Ideas

Holiday Ideas Crepe Paper Crafts10Desserts are one of the cherishing elements of dinner menu during summer and autumn season. You may bring more delight to it by creating crepe paper dishes, cupcake holders and cute plates. Serve people in such amazing plates and see their positive reaction. You can blow glitter and sparkles on surface of this paper to make it look adorable. Using brush paint to color these items can be a fun activity for children.


Table Beautification

table Crepe Paper Crafts 11Highlight patriotism by stitching colorful crepe paper together in series of your nation’s flag. Utilize these to decorate tables and other furniture items or accessories. Grant them a texture of your choice like frill or pom-pom structure and string these to the e3dge of tables. Such ideas are great for outdoor beautification. If you are looking forward to decorate your home this labor’s day, this concept is perfect.



Back drop Crepe Paper Crafts12Build a nice backdrop to living room or any other area with crepe paper crafts. Papers of different shades combined with glitters and toys can grant an ideal backsplash in kid’s rom. On the other hand, flowery backsplashes made from shaded crepe papers can do well in sunroom and the porch. Entertain your guests by revamping the memory wall with similar craft items. As autumn is round the corner, you may use maple leaf designs for the backdrops.

The above displayed crepe paper arts and crafts will surely help in remodeling your home for a better appearance. These sassy and trendy accessories are best fit for both contemporary and traditional home designs. So, get set go and experiment with these items in your rooms soon.


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