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Rugs – Epitome of Makeover for Homes

Oct 20th, 2011 By


“Time and tide waits for no one”. True to this proverb one of the finest examples that describes the changing taste, is the term, ‘style or trend’. May it be clothes, haircut or for that matter even the dressing style, all of these change with every season or occasion. So, just like the above, there are also many who wish to give their homes a new look. Rhetoric but true, obviously breaking the house and rebuilding it every season or as per the mood and occasion is not the solution, but surely there are ways through which an individual can easily use new interior ideas to light up the house. Some new light fixings, window treatments, or even a minor change like use of rugs can add pizzazz to a room. One may rather come to a conclusion, that of all the lot mentioned above, rugs complete a room. They do not just provide warmth and help in layering the room’s design, but they bring together all the pieces of home together visually.

So how can anybody bring such a drastic change in the look of rooms? Heres how an individual who is looking for a change in the house can try out:

  • Choosing the right rug is of prime importance when an individual plans to upgrade the look of his house. By choosing any kind of rug may not just ruin the look of the house, but also create a bad impression on the guests about an individual’s choice.
  • Hence, if unaware, firstly choose rugs that define the areas in rooms.
  • If the house or various rooms in the house demand many rugs, then do not pick the ones that are of the same size. Such kind of rugs can cut the effect of the décor and that of the room by half visually.
  • To avoid unpleasant effect, it is best to choose rugs that complement the room style.
  • One may opt for rugs as per the color scheme of a room. If a specific rug has already been chosen for one room and unfortunately it does not rightly match well with the color scheme of the house, then relative accessory usage is a great rescue from the problem.
  • Use a kind of rug that the room requires. If the color scheme of the room is loud enough, then choose a rug which complements it or look a subtle but suitable colored and intricately designed rug.

Alas, gone are the days of rectangle rugs. There are numerous new styles, cuts and designs in rugs available in the market today. One may either buy it from the market or through a website. But, in general terms if unsure of the choice then one can blindly go for a suitable round, oval or square rug that suits the ambience.

All-in-all, rugs add charisma to ones homes. It renders the feel and look which every individual may want from each of the rooms.


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