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Rugs for High Traffic Areas

Mar 17th, 2013 By

Area rugs are made from various different materials. Some of the materials are more suitable for high traffic areas compared to other materials. High traffic areas are areas in the apartment where there is more foot traffic. Here are some area rug options which are just apt for high traffic areas of the apartment.

Modern Rugs for High Traffic Areas

The living room is a major high traffic area in all apartments. You need to use an attractive rug for living rooms. Here is a classy example of a modern rug that will suit living rooms of apartments. It goes well with the décor of the living room. The rug in the image is a shag rug made from polyester.

3 Modern Red green yellow rugs

Floral Rugs for High Traffic Areas

You may even use a floral rug to cover living room floors. These are colorful and impressive. Here is a leafy themed brown area rug that will suit modern living room perfectly. It uplifts the beauty of the living room further. The rug has a very fine texture. The rug has a leafy pattern. It is a brown rug and goes well with brown home interiors.

Eco-friendly Rugs For High Traffic Areas

Another high traffic area is the doorway. As everyone enters at the doorway, this is included in the high traffic area. You must use a suitable rug for the doorway. Here is a plain eco-friendly rug for the doorway. It has a well-defined border. The rug does not have any toxic effects on the surroundings too.

Rugs for High Traffic Areas in the Kitchen

The kitchen is another place where there is lots of activity and hence a lot of traffic. You must thus use rugs made from durable materials. Here is an example of a rug that will go well with the kitchen décor. The rug is a southwestern rug. It uses natural shades and hues to make an attractive pattern. You should also make sure the rug you use in the kitchen is stain resistant and is relatively easy to maintain.


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